Alexandra + Ellie Mae Studios

04It’s pretty typical that I meet someone with my same first name. It’s super common, not surprising, yada yada yada.

But I always valued my middle name…Mae…so highly, since it was my grandmother’s name and I am the only one in my large family that got it (hmm wonder why, probs cause I’m the best lol). My gran was an OG and she seriously influences every decision I make and even though she is no longer with us, I hear her voice in my head constantly!07

So when I first learned about Ellie Mae Studios I just knew that this was going to be something special given the name connection and my ability to make anything about myself and who I am and holy moly I was not wrong. Her label launched in 2015 and it’s already made such a splash among the fashion community. In addition to this her story is pretty cool and I highly urge you to check out the About tab on her site here. It really gives you insight in to her inspirations and creativity and completely makes sense as to why she’s such a bad ass designer dreaming up the most stylish and functional pieces.

Which brings me to this jacket. THIS JACKET. When I saw this jacket I felt like one of those cartoons where your jaw drops to the floor.08


And you know what else: it goes with everything. It’s kind of crazy at first I was like hmm will this be too “loud” to wear on a day to day basis but nope it’s not! I wear it from walking my dog in workout pants and sneakers to cocktail events I attend for the blog. And for me versatility is key and this jacket hits all the notes and checks all my boxes.

So I’m sharing this friendly PSA that you need to know about Ellie Mae Studios and check out her site (shop Autumn/Winter here) and keep watching because big things are coming.

Any girl who’s name includes Mae is destined for greatness and I can’t wait to see what’s next.0302

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Writer’s Color Block


G U Y S I’m experiencing major writer’s block which is coming at a great time considering it is the busiest time of the year. I don’t know what it is but beyond all the noise of Black Friday and Cyber Monday I am feeling severely uninspired!

When this happens I always tend to bring it back to the outfits. I genuinely adore this look and when I saw these patchwork boots from Le Chateau here I decorated an entire outfit in my mind in two seconds flat. I dug up this old metallic skirt which miraculously is back in style (I loveeee when that happens) and went heavy on the arm candy.

So that’s what happens when you’re stuck in a rut: mix some writer’s block with some greyscale color block and come back to what matters the most: helping to inspire your outfit choices with looks that come naturally to me.

I’ve rounded up a couple similar skirts from this season (here and here) and my fave cowl neck sweater from Nordstrom (I have a small and fits true to size if you’re looking for that oversized goodness). I would definitely recommend this for a dinner date night look and these pieces are so versatile you can mix and match them with your favorite denim or comfy band tee.

10 080307 05 0104

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Black Friday Faves


This sweater is 49% off | Also available in grey


ZAFUL: I’m so obsessed with Zaful right now, it’s not even funny // I want this sweater and you can still get the sweater above that everyone was loving. I am also v into sweater dresses this season, like this one here.

NordstromTake an extra 20% off // Slip ons are all the rage and I am loving these ones. If you’re looking to invest in an everyday designer bag this one is 33% off. I’m a huge fan of shift dresses, so I will surely stock up on this one in a couple covers. I came across this watch and I can’t believe what a deal it is at 52% off until 11/28.

Shopbop: Get between 15% and 25% off using the code GOBIG16 // My fave faux leather leggings are here…YOU NEED THEM! I have these earrings in white and will definitely be getting them in black. I want these high-waisted jeans and this sweater as a combo.

Express: 50% off E V E R Y T H I N G // I have this hoodie and it’s the most comfortable material ever. You guys also loved this sweater and it is still avail. I have this jumper in my cart for a NYE outfit. If I don’t I’m def rocking these sequin pants.

Topshop: Up to 50% off selected items // I love this velvet skirt, I could actually wear it every day. Also, I’m obsessed with these pink blush ankle boots.

Barney’s: 40% off select styles // West Elm: Up to 30% off with the code MOREISMORE // Ulta: Amazing Beauty Savings

Happy Shopping, xx!

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Haute Holidays


So as I’ve mentioned the holidays are already off to a crazy start.

I legit feel like I haven’t even started celebrating and my calendar is already jammed packed.

Of course as luck would have it all of the sites I’m trying to work on gift guides with are currently not loading for me so I am obviously delayed. Speaking of which, are there any gift guides that you’d like to see? Would L O V E to hear from you!

Anyway back to my original story, heading out for the holidays means oodles and oodles of outfits. I have events from blog nights out to black tie and brunches so the options really need to be endless. Layer in my desire to constantly wear something new and boom: I am basically screwed or you know,  B R O K E.

I am happy to hit up the high street stores for trendy clothing but when it comes to my accessories, I love me some designer duds. Enter my new favorite consignment store: Haute Classics. This place has everything from handbags to accessories and jewelry and I’m so happy to share a few of my finds from their store (which are all available online).

I styled this bag a recent trip to Chicago and luckily it is still available on the site.

Chloe has made a serious comeback this year as a sleek and chic handbag brand. This one is the perfect size for travel and day-to-day. Best of all, this consignment piece is totally affordable if you’re looking to invest in your first or next designer bag.

The quality is perfect and the gold detail is absolutely amazing.04

I kept my outfit simple but on trend with a few well-priced items that wouldn’t break the bank. The best part about these items is that they’re so versatile and can be worn with so many other pieces! I’ve already worn this sweater with leather leggings and jeans and this skirt is a secret weapon because it’s SO comfy and can be dressed up or down.

In my mind, this look would be perfect for a festive girls’ brunch or casual after work cocktails or office party during the holidays.

I’ve tagged my outfit items below for you to check out and can’t wait to share more holiday-inspired looks with you!

Sweater | Skirt | Booties | Sunnies | Hat (color n/a, similar)

09 0610 0507 02 01

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I cannot believe how fast 2016 has flown by, it’s actually quite insane. I am thrilled to be headed to New York with my family for the holidays but there is so much to do between now and then. It’s no secret that between work, blog and holiday socials my life is jam packed (Choco hates me right now, we have such minimal snuggle time)!

So I am extremely grateful to learn and share that Saturday shopping is now available at First Canadian Place and Exchange Tower for the Holiday Season. I don’t know about you but I’m going to forget the rush and worry of the typical mall experience because from November 19 to December 17, the shops at First Canadian Place and Exchange Tower will be open on Saturdays (11 AM to 5 PM), offering a calm, comfortable and civilized destination for holiday shoppers.

With over 90 stores, personal care services, and restaurants you can now shop in heavenly peace AND enjoy a range of free perks exclusively for Saturday shoppers including:

  • FREE Parking
  • FREE Gift Wrapping (MY FAVE!)
  • FREE Coat & Parcel Check
  • FREE Holiday Photo Booth

For more information on Saturday shopping perks and access, visit Cannot wait to keep sharing holiday fun with you littles, xx!

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Derek Lam x Holt Renfrew


T O R O N T O  F R  I E N D S!

Quickie post today because I’ll be hanging out at Holt Renfrew Yorkdale tonight at 6 PM with the one & only Derek Lam! You know I love my denim and I have been living in these jeans all week long since and am happy to tell you the new Derek Lam denim collection will be launching at this event!

This is going to be such a fun night since Derek himself will be there and we will have a chance to get our denim embroidered so that we’re rocking our jeans on trend. So chic don’t ya think?

Hope you can make it and be sure to follow my Insta Story and Snapchat (handle: lexniko) if you’re not able to cause duh, I’m gonna be documenting all that shiz.

Ok, xx love ya and have a great day littles!image001

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Black + Navy

_dsc9555-copyI don’t quite remember when or where I was told this but ever since I was little the concept of wearing black and navy together was a major fashion faux pas.

Somewhere along the way – probably a random act of laziness in college where 8 AM class meant fashion rules went out the window – I found myself catching my reflecting and noticing just how much I loved the black + navy combo._dsc9573

I am still no pro at the stylistic elements of the pair but I tend to keep it simple by not incorporating any other colors. I am too nervous to toss a splash of white or grey in there but give me time…I’ll get there with trial and error!_dsc9561-copy

It was a blessing to find these velvet navy booties with black lace up ribbon (again, thanks mumsie) and I grabbed these black culottes and finished it with this cozy navy sweater and a black clutch. These culottes legit go with everything and I can wear them to work and toss on a cuter top to easily bring me in to a night out._dsc9553-copy

I love finding versatile pieces, especially for travel and since I’m headed to Chicago today an item like this could not come at a better time. I’m going to hold off on tagging items since I want to be able to give you all different price points but I’ll update this post and let you know as soon as I do so you can shop the look (having some issues with my links, sorry babes).

As a final note I did want to mention that despite my getting older those same college habits haven’t died. They’ve just developed in to a more practical approach to getting dressed in the morning. Keep it simple, stick to neutrals when you’re in a rush and don’t be afraid to break the rules – you just might discover a fabulous accident!_dsc9550-copy

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Rip Off

_dsc9668Ok for real…did last night happen?

By the time this post goes live we will have an indication of who will be President of the United States but as of right now this is too close for comfort. I’m not one to dwell on politics on the blog so if you want I can share some feelings via Insta Stories and Snapchat (un: lexniko) but for now let’s shut the heck up about it on the blog._dsc9655-copy

I’m here to talk about a recent trend I’ve noticed through my recent Pinterest obsession. Honestly what did I do before Pinterest people?

I legit discovered how to rock this here and then saw it with a pair of slip on flats and was sold on that as well!

Processed with Snapseed.

It is seriously so easy and chic and then among my further Pinterest spiral I saw that others are rocking so many varieties of tights under their ripped denim. It’s so simple and it makes such an impact and is the P E R F E C T way to spruce up an old item from your wardrobe for the fall season._dsc9640-copy

Since this was such an edgy attempt I had to go with it and pair it with a vintage rocker tee and my go-to biker jacket and wayfarers. This look was so fun to put together and I can’t wait to explore and try even more fresh lewks meant to inspire and excite you as we head into the colder months.img_2314

What do you think of this trend? Will you try it? Hmm I think you definitely should.

Let me know littles, xx!

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Buy The Sweater

_dsc9637Today’s post is simple – like me a massive number of you have become enamoured with this sweater and specifically with how I’ve styled it. Well I’m happy to tell you it’s quite inexpensive and you can find it here.

Ok I’ll take a moment to allow you to go buy it.

_dsc9588-copyYou’d be silly not to, at this price I simply believe you should all own one.

Did you get it?

I will assume yes cause I know you’re all geniuses and listen to everything I say with all seriousness.

_dsc9633-copyYAY US! Proud owners of the most amazing fall item. Don’t be afraid to experiment on trends and style this sweater like I did with a little off the shoulder action. I have never felt cooler and while I originally was hesitant to rock this look combined with a double buckle belt (so many trends my mind couldn’t compute) I’m so glad I did. I think it really took the outfit to the next level of edgy-chic.
_dsc9634-copySo for real if you’ve read to here and haven’t gone to buy the sweater, I really can’t say it enough that you should. Like why are you even still on my blog…I love you to but for real you’ll love this sweater more.


If you’re still thinking about it…BUY THE SWEATER.

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Wild Rose D-Tox


As we head in to the holiday season, I am going to quickly recap my highlights from the recent Wild Rose D-Tox I just completed. You guys really wanted to know how it was and if it was difficult to stick to specifically so I’ve recapped the most common asked questions and the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the experience.

To review the answers to your Q’s via Snap and Insta Story:

  • The cleanse is 12 days
  • There is no drinking alcohol or soda for the duration of the cleanse
  • You remove foods containing gluten, dairy, and most sugars
  • It’s in your best interest to block out a couple weeks without social engagements
  • Meals plans are key to the success of this cleanse (I will be sharing recipes in a future post)

The Good

I mean, the overall Good is obvious right?! You’re doing something freaking amaze balls for your insides and despite it feeling challenging or like you’re going to crack at certain times, at the end of the 12 days you will feel so energetic and happy that you’re system will be praising you!

I found by day 4 my energy had increased and I wasn’t waking up craving my usual cup of coffee (I did drink one cup of coffee daily because I love the taste but I seriously could’ve gone without by this point). By day 6 my energy had skyrocketed and I was able to manage work, blog, social and workouts with greater ease than I have in a long time.

Despite this not being my primary goal of the detox, I did lose 7 lbs which I could see and feel immediately in my clothing, especially my jeans. I am lucky that despite my weight fluctuating toward the end of the summer, I didn’t go up any clothing sizes but things were feeling a little tiiiiiiight, so this has absolutely helped. While I still have a few pounds to go to get back to my normal weight, I can say this successfully helped me jumpstart the process and have put a routine of exercise and diet in place that is easy to follow so I can continue on even after the cleanse.

The Bad

There’s the obvious: you can’t drink alcohol for the duration of the detox. I mean this is a Bad for me since I lurvvve my dirty martinis and red wine. It can also be pretty tough to maintain your social calendar if you tend to eat out a lot. You have to be so careful of condiments, dressings and unforeseen additives that it’s easiest to prep your own meals at home. That being said, I was able to head out a number of sporting events (drinking water and teas h e l l o) and had sashimi at a sushi dinner, so it is possible, you just have to plan in advance and make sure you are really committed to the cleanse.

There was a tough understanding curve when I told my friends I was going on the detox (sorry, I know I keep using detox/cleanse interchangeably…to me it’s same same). A few of them didn’t understand why I was doing it during baseball playoffs, leading up to the holidays and at the start of basketball season. It was quite funny actually that at first so many people were disappointed but they gradually get used to it so don’t let people discourage you, stick to your guns…YOU CAN DO THIS!

The Ugly

Ok, so now we are getting in to the nitty gritty. There are components of this detox that are not pretty. You are potentially going to feel crampy or gassy and will definitely experience all that comes after that, if you know what I mean…(look, you’re gonna poop I’m sorry but fyi you need all the facts).

So you’ve been warned.

It is in your best interest to cancel or push out any first dates and subsequent sleepovers for the two weeks that you’re on the cleanse as you will more than likely be uncomfortable for moments. But listen, the good thing is that you’ll be skinny AF and feel f’ing fantastic afterward so if there’s that. Seriously, my stomach has never been so flat, I am OK with what’s required to get there.


So there you have it…I am really glad I did this detox twice this year and I will be doing it again as I normally do in January after the holidays. If you want to join me in it in 2017 please let me know! I would absolutely love a support system and am happy to help you in any of your health and wellness goals.

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