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It was another excellent weekend in the city! The weather always helps but I also found I made the most of the days and even found some time to relax. I was happy to catch up with friends I haven’t seen in a while, enjoy the sunshine and sneak in a few delicious meals. I actually don’t think I’ve laughed so hard over an entire weekend in a long time, and it was true to the old adage that Laughter Truly is the Best Medicine.

I’ve been heavy into my Pinterest research for my move, looking at how best to decorate the living and dining areas of the new condo as they are one long, open unit. SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOME :) . Follow me on Pinterest here to see my inspiration ideas.

We also have the Easter long weekend coming up and I’m thrilled about some extra time off and spending a few days with my love, who I have been missing terribly for weeks! I was lucky enough to get some inspiration from the Easter Bunny over at Ferrero Rocher on how to supply family and friends with a few chocolate treats. I happily got in the spirit by enjoying some chocolates over the weekend and was quite inspired by this post here for ways to add Easter elements around the house.

I’m hoping the weather continues to cooperate as we head into Friday but either way, I don’t think there’s much that can bring down my spirits after the amazing memories I made over the past few days and all of the excitement to look forward to over the long.

Happy Monday xo!image image image image

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imageI am pretty much obsessed with any sort of illusion when it comes to everyday style. Give me comfy pants that look fancy or even a top that looks formal (like this Joe Fresh one above) and I am the happiest of campers. Despite my love of fashion, I truly believe that confidences starts with feeling comfortable and that’s why I love rocking relaxed looks for my day-to-day. I adore and admire bloggers who can stroll around in the dressiest of outfits, but for me and my real life, today’s look is where I like to live and play!

Currently I’m thrilled that these Vans-style kicks are in, as a funky pattern takes any flat from 0-to-60 and they are the perfect finishing touch to an easy, breezy look. You can never go wrong with leather leggings when you’re on the go and I tied some of my signature gold into my sunnies (which I can’t stop wearing) and on my bag as a quick accessory! I haven’t been crazy with the jewelry lately so it’s nice to add a few details that add stylish layers to complete an otherwise plain look.

Sometimes it’s best to start with simple pieces made special with pattern or print, add a funky backdrop and mix in an amazing new photographer friend to bring your look to life.

image image image image image image image

Details: Top Joe Fresh / Pants Rachel Roy / Shoes Steve Madden / Bag Louis Vuitton / Headphones Frends / Sunnies Ray Ban

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Best Blogger Homes

The-Doctors-Closet If you weren’t aware I have recently moved. After a great April Fool’s laugh, I have been temporarily settling at my parent’s until my move May 1. While I am eager to get there I’m happy to have a month to not only save some funds (or buy shoes) but plan my new design for the condo!

I am excited for a space with more light, where I can fully feel calm and serene in my own home. I recently came across this amazing article via SMP Living and simply had to capture the amazing beauty of these inspiring blogger’s homes (like The Doctor’s Closet above). I think it’s evident that brights and whites will play a major role and my love for pattern hasn’t gone away. I’m so excited to add some color to each room and really play up the open concept living area. I can’t wait to share my process/progress with y’all and hope you’ll follow my journey on the blog and Instagram here @lexniko.

Any tips & tricks for moving in to a new space? Let me know :)

The-Everygirl Small-Shop-Studio Sacramento-Street Margaret-Elizabeth Flora-Flauna Cupcakes-Cashmere Coco-Kelley Caitlin-Wilson Bijou-Boheme Amber-Interiors

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Little’s Loving


Just a few inspirations from this week. I’ve recently been obsessed with color and brights ~ probably has a little to do with the fact that the sun’s been out for longer than four or five hours a day! I just want to experience colour and sparkle in everything I encounter, like the beet salad above from Gilead Wine Bar to the Nike’s below. I’m finally seeing beauty in any moment, which is evident in my recent love for Nancy Meyers’ set décor to matching fruit loops & accessories and plain & simple pastel pairings. I also was happy to receive a few beautiful pieces c/o Jewlz From Lineve, which I cannot wait to style. The beautiful bauble piece below is the perfect way to welcome spring and tie in some sparkle into my look.

I am coming out of my black, white & grey shell ~ ready to embrace colour in a BIG way! What are some of your favourite ways to get ready for spring with colour? Let me know xo! And check out more colourful cures on my Instagram @LEXNIKO.

image image image image


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Sparkle & Spots

IMG_0656Happy Monday y’all! Finally some sunny shine here in the city and I for one could not be happier! I’ve been struggling a lot with my mood, given the cold, grey winter we’ve had (and boy was it loooong), so even a small burst of sun has completely transformed my attitude.

I spent Sunday morning volunteering as a stylist with the Corsage Project. It’s an amazing organization that works with high school students in financial need to help them attend their prom in serious style! It was a such a great morning and I absolutely adored the gals I helped get prepped for prom, but not before snapping a few photos of what I wore.

These J.Crew pajama pants always make an appearance for running errands or days when I’ll be on my feet. They’re comfy and cozy but dressy in the best way. I also recently scored this sparkly collared top from Ann Taylor and it makes for the perfect top and pant pair! Toss on these killer Ray Bans and my go-to neutrals to complete the look and I’m ready for a spring day in the sunshine!

WELCOME HOME SPRING!IMG_0659 IMG_0662 IMG_0663 IMG_0667 IMG_0676 IMG_0686IMG_0675 IMG_0673

Details: Top Ann Taylor / Pants J.Crew (old, similar here) / Shoes Aldo (old, similar here) / Sunnies Ray Ban / Bag Marc By Marc Jacobs (old, similar here)

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A Little Health & Wellness with Chi Junky

Chi Junky 1

Spring is finally here in the city! I am loving the longer days and the sunshine makes my hectic schedule a little more pleasant. It has been bare bones on the blog and that’s due to the face I have recently moved from my place in the city back north for a month. I’m in the process of finding a new place and admittedly my day job, a long distance relationship and trying to move and find a new home has left me pooched and something had to give.

I am truly looking forward to my time at home and it hasn’t been long but I am already noticing a benefit from being here. There’s something serene in not feeling like I must attend every event or social gathering that I typically say yes to, as everything’s just around the corner when you live in the middle of the city. I know how often I say this but I always feel like I need to getaway and recharge my batteries and what better place to go than home?

I’m hoping this vanity doesn’t wear off but I know I eventually have to head back downtown on my own (wahh I want my mumsie). As this is the simplest of facts, it was nice to recently discover a holistic oasis within the city at Chi Junky. Chi Junky is a wellness centre and private yoga studio in Toronto. I was lucky to visit for a one-on-one tour with owner, Rachelle Wintzen and discovered so much about my health and the importance of taking the time to care for yourself.


Rachelle took me through Iridology, which is a non-invasive tool that allows you to discover health flaws and features through the eyes. It was incredible to see what was working well and what could improve in my body, simply by viewing patterns and colours in my iris. I am happy to report that so far things look pretty good but there was definitely room for improvement and Rachelle helped me put together a plan to ensure that I work towards fixing certain aspects of my health.

If you’re in the city I suggest you stop by and chat with one of the lovely Junkys. I feel great about the changes I’ve made and look forward to seeing the benefits even further as I continue down a happier and healthier path this spring.

Chi Junky 4 Chi Junky 6 Chi Junky 2Chi Junky 3

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StyleLab Montreal

If you follow my Instagram then you saw my quick little jaunt to Montreal a few weeks back. I was fortunate to work with the StyleLab Montreal team to visit with a number of Canadian fur designers and style our own Look Of The Day (#LOTD) using pieces from our collaborators.

I absolutely loved styling my looks and it was amazing to work with the beautiful model and layer in brilliant pieces from these incredible designers. The full outfit details for each look are here and there are some photos below for you to enjoy!


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Little x BT Toronto


Last week captured some of the greatest moments of my life! From my super duper fun segment on Breakfast Television Toronto to my girlfriend welcoming her baby girl into the world and this guy getting his own fantastic news, I’d say that it was a pretty monumental end to the week on multiple accounts.

I’m starting this week on an early AM flight back to Toronto and then it’s non-stop while I get ready to move April 1. I apologize in advance if it’s light on the blog but I will be back next week with a ton of new content and a little exciting announcement.

If you missed my segment on BT, please check it out here and let me know what you think! For those asking, I’m sporting head-to-toe Ann Taylor, with a splash of Shop For Jayu accessories and Stuart Weitzman pumps.

I also received a few emails about working on additional TV opportunities, so if you’re a brand or company looking to work with me, please feel free to email your requests to imalittle(dot)blog(at)gmail(dot)com.

Happy Monday Littles!image

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I’m A Little…on TV


Hello Hello! Happy Wednesday!

Sorry for the shortness of posts over here, it’s been a heck of a week already! World Mastercard Fashion Week started Monday and after my weekend in Montreal things have been go, go, go!

Through all the hoopla and busyness, I have some amazing news to share. Tomorrow I’ll be LIVE (eek!) on Breakfast Television in Toronto, talking all things selfie, celebrities and of course, Covergirl! I am so nervous but obviously excited because I just know it’s going to be so much fun! I’ll be sure to upload a link to Facebook so you can all check it out.

Wish me luck and send your positive vibes…stay tuned to hear more about how I did!
CG_Selfies_031 CG_Selfies_029CG_Selfies_117

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Tweedle Dee


I don’t know what it is but everywhere I go people compliment or ask where I got this jacket. First my answer: it’s from Zara (old, sorry!) but second, I am always so surprised! Not that I don’t love this item, it’s the perfect spring piece to take from day to night and a great length, but I truly feel like the Chanel-inspired number was all over Zara stores a couple years ago. I remember buying this thinking I was late to the party and now apparently this coat is my statement piece!

I guess that’s the name of the game when it comes to fashion: you never know when a look or item will have it’s a-ha moment and for me, that’s the thrill of the trend chase. I have been itching to snap this jacket for weeks now but the weather and my schedule have not coordinated. Luckily I was able to run out for a quick coffee with this babe and she graciously took some shots for me.

While I love getting dolled up and shooting extravagant, style-inspired photos on weekends, there’s something about capturing a real moment and my everyday wear that I am hoping to do more of in the near future. Just as this jacket sparked so much conversation, my a-ha moment came when I realized it’s a blogger’s real style that gets people talking and I hope to continue to blend my everyday with the any day possibilities of my wardrobe.

Hope you’re having a pretty, glitter-filled week xx!
IMG_6774IMG_6770IMG_6772 IMG_6764IMG_6766
Details: jacket Zara (old, similar here) / scarf Burberry / denim Gap / boots Ann Taylor / sunnies House of Harlow 1960 / rings Shop For Jayu

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