#3yeargoals – Final Thoughts


Happy Monday little ones!

I swear I had such a relaxing weekend where I filled my time with cooking, long walks with the pup, a delicious vodka martini (extra dirty of course) or two and some volunteer work! It was the most productive weekend I’ve had in a while, in part to not having any major social commitments and also since I’m not returning from or traveling to the States.

I honestly feel like I’m the most settled I’ve been at home in a long time. It’s kind of a v nice feeling though I’m sure the travel bug will bite me soon enough! img_6203-copy

The more I write this year and start to reflect on the fact that we’re headed into the last quarter of 2016 (wahhh!) I realized that it has been a lot about setting goals for me. I can’t say for certain that I’ve achieved a ton in 2016 but I have certainly set the foundation to begin putting things in motion and I am just excited to keep my head down and continue working hard.

Last week, I did a little recap of my #3yeargoals and with today being World Contraception Day I thought it was timely to share a few fun facts but also get serious about how we can best protect ourselves despite being so busy and forward-focused. I for one did not know that contraception only became decriminalized in Canada in 1969…like whatttt were people doing before that and why was protecting oneself so taboo?!

I also did a little research and found that on average women miss 2.6 birth control pills per cycle. I am definitely guilty of skipping a day (or doubling up, sorry Dr. B) or taking the pill at the wrong time of day. It is so hard with such a busy schedule to remember one more thing and I know it should seem so simple or routine but sometimes you just simply forget! Which is why I think it’s really important to highlight that there are new, more advanced birth control innovations. Ones that are long-lasting, non-daily options and I am really eager to learn more about these so that I can be certain I’m always covered. I think a non-daily option might be a good choice for like-minded ladies and me, as I said above, sometimes we just forget and the anxiety that can be associated with that is tremendous. I just want to focus on creating quality content and doing good work in my professional life, so I definitely don’t need one more thing to worry about!

img_6177-copySo there it is…I clearly have plans for my plans and the goals I’ve set out for the next three years are underway but like I’ve mentioned in every post, life can throw you crazy curveballs and roadblocks at every turn. I want to encourage you to commit to what you’ve set out to do but if starting a family isn’t in the short-term for you then get on board with me and ensure that you have a good plan in place and that you have all the facts when it comes to your body and your health. Feel free to check out birthcontrolforme.ca for more information and FAQs!

Future you will thank you and hey if they want to thank me too, I’m always ok with that!

Have a great week, xx!

*This is a sponsored post. Thank you as always for supporting sponsored content!

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Why Blogging? A career conversation

img_6223I’ve been blogged for a few years now and if you’ve been reading you know I’ve faced my challenges of feeling inspired, questioning whether to continue and constantly reminding myself why I love it. I have my 9-5 job which I am so grateful to love and this was always meant to be a part-time thing though it consumes a lot of time which I think some people don’t always realize.

I was recently in conversation with a fellow blogger and she was expressing the same sentiment and a sincere disappointment with the performance and growth of her blog that I felt I had to share some feels on the topic and life choices in general.

To give context: this is a woman with a significant following, strong pageviews on her blog and she has committed to making this career her full-time job. My heart was breaking when I read how she was feeling, she was considering quitting altogether as she felt inadequate by comparison to some of these fellow bloggers/influencers who have blown up very quickly with what seems like little effort.

And I get that, I think some of us more seasoned bloggers all do: I know people say that life/goals are all about hard work, keeping your head down and staying in your lane, “If you want it bad enough you’ll will it to happen.”

But unfortunately, especially in the day of social media, that is soooo not true.

People buy followers, people have rich parents who bank roll their wardrobe, people just get plain old lucky.

I hate to say it but it is the truth. Some of the bloggers or social influencers that pop up overnight simply have the luck of the draw, are paying for it or are not and someone else is LOL. Their content isn’t any stronger than my friend’s let’s say, it just is what it is.

And I don’t think there’s a single person who wouldn’t agree that that sentiment is tough to swallow.

But despite that simple truth, I think what is important to always go back to is your center and ask yourself why you started. I know my reasons for continuing to blog and it’s what gets me out of bed on a Sunday to shoot when I could be sleeping in. It’s why I wake up at 5 AM to write a post or stay home while my friends are out to edit photos and pitch brands. I may have considered at one time taking blogging on as a full career but my decision to continue leading a double life are my reasons alone.

I don’t want my friend to give up on her dreams but the beautiful thing about blogging is that you can find a balance should it not be the career for you. I’ve had tons of people ask me about starting a blog and then once they realize what goes into it (or start out on their own and quickly realize the time consumption) they hard stop. Not having it. It’s work and when it’s your livelihood I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to not be excelling at the rate you’d like to. For me, it’s like any life choice. I have to weigh to pros and cons and determine how to have balance if it’s worth keeping in my life.

You have to find your happy medium; a place that is comfortable but challenging enough for you to stay committed.

And I think that applies in any job decision or life choice. There’s always going to be someone luckier, smarter, faster, younger, “better” than you. But you need to remind yourself that no matter what you are making choices that work for you and that positively influence your life.

So I hope if you’re feeling stuck in a rut, whether it be work, love or life, that you take a step back and ask yourself what’s in it for you. This is your life you’re allowed to be selfish and you’re allowed to feel angry at circumstance or confused about your next move. It can be thrilling, it can be gut-wrenching but at the end of the day it is your life and the beautiful thing is you’re the one who’s writing the story and I for one am just excited to keep turning the page.

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Checking in on #3yeargoals

img_6124Good morning my beautiful angels. Hope you’re all easing in to the pace that fall is bringing and back to school has gone off without a hitch! This is my first week slowing things down after a crazy busy summer and I am delighted but also feeling like my mind and body aren’t sure what to do with the time. Do you ever find that when you give yourself a minute to breathe you actually become less productive? I definitely do and tend to notice there is a fine line between recharging and becoming a vegetable which is probably why I never sit still for too long to begin with!img_6131 img_6117

This is also probably why I’m obsessed with writing, recording and reassessing my goals all the time and thought we should check in on my #3yeargoals. If you haven’t read my previous posts, I suggest you do as I’m sharing a very personal side of my life and taking you behind-the-scenes of where I see myself over the next few years.

If you don’t have the time to read it then full disclosure here: I can’t be sure kids or a family will be a part of my life in the short term and before I commit to that priority, I am eager to achieve a few things first which is why understanding your options for contraception is so important and why woman should educate themselves about what they’re using and why.img_6131

Let’s recap my three year goals below:

  1. Take care of my health: mind + body. As I mentioned, I travel a lot and I feel at times that it makes me super run down, groggy and overall unhealthy. I’m committing to a happier heart and body by ensuring fitness and meditation are a part of my routine when I’m at home and especially away.
  2. Buy a house. I am eager to own my own property whether I’m living in it or not. It’s something that I have yet to do and I am excited at the thought of learning the responsibilities of being a homeowner.
  3. Live in another country. Before I have kids and settle I definitely feel I need to live/work elsewhere and experience a different setting both for my personal growth and career growth. Even moving to the US for a few years would offer such a different experience than living where I was born and raised and I think I would benefit greatly from this.
  4. Be grateful. I want to commit to being grateful and thankful for my whole life. I have such a wonderful life, full of the most brilliant people and I never ever want to take that for granted. Whether it’s taking a friend or family member for lunch or acknowledging my opportunities through prayer, I want to ensure I am always recognizing how fortunate I am.
  5. Pay off my debts. Now this one goes hand in hand with my second goal, but I do want to continue to pay off my student debts and be financially smarter for both my savings and personal gain. Understanding where you are financially is not a hard thing to do but it can be tough to swallow at times (like when those Louboutins are calling your name) but it gives me such peace of mind knowing where I’m at financially and I want to better understand where I can go because of it.img_6158

These, like me, are a work in progress and I’m not going to get there overnight. Which is why I’m getting so personal and opening up about where I see myself and the potential for a family in the future. Of course life can through us curveballs but all we can do is try our best to plan properly and as I said above, educate ourselves on how to do so.

And no matter what we should remind ourselves that goals can change, priorities shift and life is such an exciting unknown. I encourage you all the set a few #3yeargoals and join me on September 26th for World Contraception Day by highlighting and sharing those goals and perhaps learn a little about how to get there as well. I know I’m eager to continue understanding my options and putting my goals out there has kept me focused on what I’m working toward and motivates me to get out of bed every morning. I hope it does the same for you and would love to hear of any goals that you’re planning and working toward!img_6148

*This post is sponsored by birthcontrolforme.ca but opinions are my own. Thanks as always for supporting sponsored content.

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NYFW Lacoste SS17


_dsc0266You guys!

I had the most fantastic time at NYFW. This was my first time really immersing myself in everything the weekend had to offer. From shows, to shooting and attending events in between, I learned so much and came back with a newfound gusto for i’m a little and mad respect for the bloggers and content curators. These girls (and guys) work their asses off and I give them serious snaps for motivating me and pushing out sick content day after day.

My highlight of the trip had to be sitting front row…Y E S NYFW…front row at the Lacoste show. It’s no secret that athleisure is here to stay and no one has brought it better than Lacoste.20_lacoste_ss17_nyfs_look_20

They’ve found a happy medium from their tennis roots and blended the materials you’d sport on the court with some fashionable flair. You can see from the outfit I styled how easily versatile these items are to layered into everyday wear year round._dsc0283

I am obsessed with so many of the pieces and also adore that many pieces are androgynous since I was majorly vibing on a few items the men were sporting.30_lacoste_ss17_nyfs_look_30

I’m sharing my picks and cannot wait to incorporate some of these pieces into my wardrobe next spring. What are your thoughts on the Lacoste show?06_lacoste_ss17_nyfs_look_0607_lacoste_ss17_nyfs_look_0716_lacoste_ss17_nyfs_look_16 34_lacoste_ss17_nyfs_look_3437_lacoste_ss17_nyfs_look_37 24_lacoste_ss17_nyfs_look_2446_lacoste_ss17_nyfs_look_46 44_lacoste_ss17_nyfs_look_44 11_lacoste_ss17_nyfs_look_1142_lacoste_ss17_nyfs_look_42

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Dear Summer


Dear Summer, I cannot believe that you’ve come and gone! Even though the weather is warmer than ever there is something so symbolic of the last long weekend and the fact that kiddies are heading back to school and we are prepping for fall. Also it’s lovely to send off summer in style with my birthday falling over the weekend and I have to thank you all for the well wishes and lovely time we got to spend together. I wanted to share a few more summery looks this week since as of next, I’ll be fully in to fall style over here on imalittle.

I’m headed to New York in a couple days for Fashion Week and while it’s going to be busy, busy I’m looking forward to seeing a few shows, taking some meetings and enjoying the city that has become so close to my heart. I am eager to get there but still need to wrap my mind around packing for everything I have planned. It’s going to be quite the week so make sure you stick around on Instagram and Snapchat (@lexniko).

Hope you had a fabulous long weekend and are looking forward to the new season, I know I am!_DSC0344 _DSC0375_DSC0340 _DSC0350 _DSC0365_DSC0354

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Velvet Vibe

_DSC0092 copyI am in looove with these shoes. While they’re faux-suede they totally resemble more of a velvet vibe which is so on trend for fall. Bonus snaps for being perfectly affordable too (get ’em here).

So it’s September 1st and I’m getting thisclose to my birthday! Tonight I have dinner with my gal pals here and tomorrow I’m headed to Fan Expo before Comicon (yass I love me some Marvel and DC).

I hope that you’ll follow along via my Snapstory (find me @lexniko) and I will be sure to upload to my Insta Story as well. And GUYS I need your advice…are we feeling Snap v Insta still or should I be playing more on my Insta Story? Let me know by commenting on Instagram or Twitter. I honestly feel like Twitter is having a revival too, gosh there’s so many channels that we can interact with, how do we keep up? I’ll try my best especially since I have so much to cover these day…this will be a whirlwind weekend and then next week I’m headed to NYFW so make sure you’re following me everywhere!!!

I also will be spending the weekend researching and recording a new podcast. Thank you SO much for asking where this week’s was via Instagram and Snap! I will certainly keep at it and try to bring fresh topics and relevant content and BE LESS NASALLY.

Honestly, who sounds like that?!

Ok just a quickie from me today but you can get all the dets on this outfit if you keep scrolling down past these fab pics. I actually love this lewk and need to find multiple ways to style this fab top!

Thanks for popping by littles, xx!_DSC0087 copy_DSC0082 copy_DSC0146 copy _DSC0126 copy _DSC0112 copy _DSC0093 copy_DSC0151 copy_DSC0090 copy

Top | Denim | Shoes (similar) | Sunnies | Bag (old, similar)

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Current Mood

_DSC0035 copy copy

So there are just a few things I’m super into right now and I wanted to share. With summer coming to an end I’ve been thinking about updates to my wardrobe (I shot a bunch last weekend I’m pumped to share) as well as resetting for fall and checking in on those New Year’s Resolutions. We’re in the final stretch of 2016 which is b a n a n a s but I’m looking forward to the next few months and have a lot on the go that we can get excited about! So yay, stay tuned! No podcast this week because my shitty mic decided to stop working which is so annoying but I’ll get it fixed and be back up and talking your ear off next week.

For now, please enjoy a few things I am…all contributing to my super fab current mood.

I’m v. into bodysuits right now, they just look the cutest tucked into high waisted jeans and skirts. I love not having to worry about my top bunching up in my midsection which gets so annoying when you’re out and about slash makes you look like you’re carrying an extra 5 lbs of tummy weight. Though I’m sporting this sold out lavender one in today’s post, it’s still available in white here.

I also finally caved and bought a spiralizer. I was so intimidated by them and I have no idea why. I made a recipe similar to this one here and it was so easy and delicious, I can see it being added to the weekly rotation. And best of all that shiz is guilt free.

PS I’m loving these Sanuk sandals which are the most insanely comfortable shoes and I’ve been wearing them all over town while running errands and on-the-go. Obsessed.

PPS Rocking this old cargo jacket made me crave a new one so I’m currently coveting this, this and this one so hard.

I seriously think I need a second part-time job to satisfy my wardrobe budget…I wonder if McDonald’s is hiring?

_DSC0012_DSC0060 copy_DSC0025 copy_DSC0010

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Pajama (Pity) Party

_DSC9212_DSC9210_DSC9221 _DSC9203_DSC9214 _DSC9206 copy_DSC9218

Pajama Top | Pajama Bottom | Sunnies | Shoes

WAHHH you guys!!!

I’m sitting here reflecting on what a summer it’s been and looking forward at how much is left to come of 2016. My birthday is right around the corner so I’m not going to lie to you, I’m slightly spastic and having high levels of anxiety about it.

It’s interesting because it’s not as though I’m unhappy with my life and I’m definitely not one to compare myself to others but I know I’m hard on myself and tend to get super critical in my self-assessment when this time of year rolls around. Each birthday that passes is a solid checkpoint where I assess if I fought hard enough for certain goals, or ask myself, “did I follow through on what I wanted to achieve in the past year?” and let me tell you sometimes going down that rabbit hole is an exercise in self-control. I try to reign in the crazy negative talk and remind myself that life is a work in progress. Admittedly having my support squad makes me grateful since I’ve got the most wonderful friends who snap me back into shape when I’m overthinking for the worse.

This was a brilliant and beautiful summer but I admittedly got a little lazy: with my diet, with work on the blog and in the past I would’ve spent time beating myself up over this. But to be honest, I had so much freaking fun I’m not even mad about it. I love this blog and the work I put into it but as I get older I realize that life is short and we sometimes need to remove ourselves from our everyday world and just enjoy the moment.

It’s way easier said than done for me because so much of what makes me enjoy a moment is sharing it or documenting it for all of you but there has still been something to be said for keeping things private to oneself.

My blogger friend recently posted a status update on Facebook asking what everyone’s take on sharing your personal lives publicly on social was. As a blogger it is sort of a part of her job to share her life but what’s the fine line? How much is too much? How much is too little?

It’s a constant battle to find that sweet social spot but it’s something that I’m going to work harder at achieving.

I know I can fly off the handles and you’ll get a snap story of my Saturday night shenanigans when really what you’re interested in is my Sunday night skincare ritual. I’m going to commit to this “new year” to try and find that balance of my real life versus useful content and try to ensure that both features are as interesting as possible. Let me know if there’s something that you’re dying for me to share or questions that you may have because I always want to cater to what you’re excited about and interested in.

It’s Friday and I’m headed into the weekend before my birthday weekend…clearly I’m making a catastrophic deal out of this so I’ll be hiding out up north wearing this bikini, drinking this bevvy and listening to my latest fave tune.

Have a great weekend everyone, xx!

Shop my lewk here:

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i’m a little podcast: back 2 cool


GUYS! I got such lovely feedback from you guys on the first podcast. T H A N K Y O U *hand hug*

Kind of super scary to put myself out there (shoutout to anyone who told me my voice sounds cool in the past because…did you hear podcast one?)…but I am thankful that I have your support to try something new and see where it goes.

I’m back this week with another one and I figured given the time of year we should be talking about all things Back to School. Clearly I’m a dinosaur so I won’t be headed back to school but that doesn’t mean I can’t get nostalgic about B2S shopping with Daddy Niko or discuss those must-have items that should exist in every 20-30 something’s fall wardrobe. I chat cost per wear, and apparently my undying love for Zara’s price point all while my sister watched unwillingly.

So give it a listen…let me know if you agree with my brash but fashionable statements and as always, please comment below or on Twitter or Instagram, Pinterest…EVERY & ANYWHERE!

Love you lots, enjoy littles!

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Productivity in Three Ways

_DSC9245It’s Monday guys!

I took a little time off social media this weekend to spend time with family, friends visiting from out of town and laying as low as low can allow.

I am feeling incredibly recharged and so I thought I’d do a quick post on a few ways to improve productivity (especially on a Monday). These are simple methods that I use and I find they’re super helpful when I’m feeling dizzy trying to get my to do’s together or back on track when I’m losing motivation. So here it goes:

1. Write it down…When I have a trillion things on the go and I am feeling frazzled, I write it all out and then prioritize the top items that I know I can realistically get done during the day. Setting achievable goals help me feel I can commit and succeed in reaching them.

2. Walk away…Taking a break when I lose motivation is often a critical aspect of me staying on track. Whether it’s setting 15 minutes for a walk or a coffee run or booking in a workout class or run, I always find a mini break to be one of the most helpful ways I stay focused. Something about getting some fresh air and a few endorphins (or a caffeine hit) always works as an instant reset when I’m in the middle of completing a task or two.

3. Find a support squad…Telling supportive people what your intentions are for the day/week/month/year allows you to commit and invest in your goals. There is nothing wrong with asking for help whether you’re looking to complete a project, stick to a fitness routine or quit a messy habit. I love that I have a team that I trust who view my goals in a positive light and encourage me when I’m feeling lost or off track. Having people in your corner will keep you accountable and there’s no better feeling then achieving what you’ve set out to do in front of the people who believed in you.

How do you stay on track…especially on a Monday?!

PS…I lived in this dress on Saturday and it is on super sale (you can get it over on my Instagram @LEXNIKO or shop it here).

PPS…I also linked similar dresses here, here, here and here and I definitely suggest snagging a few before summer’s out since there will certainly be in style next season and are great for any winter holiday!_DSC9238 copy _DSC9236 copy_DSC9246 copy _DSC9239 copy

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