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Sweater | Denim (lower price point options here, here and here) | Shoes

Shop this sweater from my Insta that you’ve been lusting over:

So last night I watched the first episode of Black Mirror on Netflix. It was super fascinating and kind of creepy to think how quickly we could arrive at a similar way of life. We spend so much time vying for likes or sharing our everyday on social media, it is not too far fetched to think that we could be ranked by these metrics in the future, the way we are today by our credit scores. Anyway it is an interesting show and you should 100% check it out if you’re into sci fi or pop culture, even just to see if you enjoy the first couple eps. I’ll def be tuning in again!

This really has nothing to do with my post so don’t stress; I’m not about to get in to an existential conversation about “society” (and yes please use air quotes when saying that). I just laughed to myself as I posted this Instagram because my caption was too honest to not giggle to myself. Sometimes through social media people can forget that I actually live a pretty ordinary and boring life. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, despite what life looks like online, most of the time I’m at home, in sweatpants, with my dog and I am quite content with that.

I guess what struck me between the show and my cap is that too I often forget the extroverted image that I give off on the blog and my socials. So it is crazy to me when you all interact with me either through your comments or DMs or emails (yes peeps who still email I lurrrve ya). I am so grateful that people want to hear what I’m saying because I typically tell myself that no one is listening or actually cares. So when I hear from you and get feedback or questions it makes me the most happy!

At the end of the day my blog is a place to share finds that I love or believe you should love you and to help make your life and likes a little easier.

So T H A N K  Y O U for all of your continued support!!!

I love that we have so many places to chat and share and I encourage you to keep writing/interacting with me and allowing me to be my annoying self which apparently you don’t totes despise.

If you were my Uber driver you’d get 5 stars because that’s how happy you make me every day!

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My Favorite Scent #yesitspinesol

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Ok we are heading in to week two of my cleanse. The first week was a breeze, the weekend was a little challenging. It was odd not having my typical Saturday night glass (or eight) of wine or a little dirty martini, extra olives. Somehow I made it through to Sunday and after my run I felt a little injury flare up so I decided to hop over to the RMT for a massage. It was so lovely and I am feeling much better but about halfway in to my massage I started feeling anxious about everything I still had to do. Now I suffer from anxiety and it’s not out of the ordinary for my heart to start racing or to feel like I’m on the brink of a breakdown (don’t worry it’s under control!) but it made me realize just how much we have to compartmentalize our day in this fast-paced world.

I finished my massage and had a cup of tea after but as every minute crept up, I kept feeling more and more anxious about all I had to do and I actually said to myself, “Ok time to stop relaxing. You need to finish your day.” It was an aha moment for me because I was shocked that I actually had to dead stop and get back to reality.

It’s a fact of life I guess, but it reminded me of why the little things mean so much in our day-to-day. I thought it was fitting to share this little story since I recently started using Pine-Sol around the house in this incredible lavender scent and it’s honestly added a little joy to my cleaning routine. If you follow me on Snapchat (un: lexniko) you know Lavender is my absolute favorite scent. I use it in my nebulator, I alway travel with lavender essential oils; I basically live for the smell!

I love using this new multi-surface cleaner around the entire house knowing that I am getting through tough stains, grease and grime, all with this refreshing new scent that’s soothing and smells so clean. It adds a bit of sparkle to a regime I strongly dislike and at the end of the day we have to make the most mundane of tasks enjoyable!

The new Pine-Sol Lavender, along with original and three more new scents is available nationwide so let me know if you try it out.

What’s your favorite scent?!

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*This post was in partnership with Pine-Sol. All opinions are my own. Thank you as always for supporting sponsored content!

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Friday AF…jk I’m on a cleanse

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I started this cleanse on Monday and it’s totally manageable and I’m feeling great. But now it’s the weekend and it’s as though my mind is full of wine glass emojis and I’m jonesin’ for some delicious yet detox-friendly recipes that are a step above the broth and brown rice combo I’ve been inhaling all week. I’ll be sure to snap any recipes I discover (add me @ username lexniko) and I’m thinking my girl Gina, from Skinnytaste, will be able to hook it up with some amazing meal inspo.

In addition to my newfound healthy diet, I am definitely going to turn up the dial on my workouts (I tried Tracy Anderson yesterday and I L O V E D it) since I’ve missed them and really lost a ton of my momentum toward the end of the summer. I apologize in advance for the basic b*itchness of this post and all my concurrent snaps and Insta Stories through the weekend. Like excuse me, where are my yoga pants and Starbucks PSL?..but every once in a while I think it’s so good to take a break from the hustle of social drinks, eating out and running myself on empty to attend every event.

So cheers to a weekend full of peppermint tea, face masks and spin classes and a lot of organizing around the apartment.

What are you getting up to this weekend? If you plan on some shopping be sure to shop my look with the links below, x!

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Beautylicious 2016

img_1257So I rarely discuss beauty on the blog anymore. I am so sorry, I know it’s a huge topic of interest and I’d like to deep dive in to it more (hey 2017 goals…time to get back into video) but for now my beauty routine is pretty minimal given my hectic schedule.

This has got to change. If you need tips on skincare products or haircare products to help with a healthy glow / shiny hair, pimple reduction, seasonal skin / hair change? I am 100% your gal. But I also love playing around with new tips & tricks, though I’m often times scared to document it for fear that I’m not as skilled as some beauty vloggers.  I am the girl that learns from doing so what better reason to dive in to such a fun space than to learn along with you guys? I’m going to commit to this for next year and not worry myself about it right now so as not to overwhelm myself.

To level with you, I rarely wear makeup to my 9-5 job and my hair is typically air dried and curled beach-wave styles so I am in need of a beauty makeover and mega-haul of my beauty trends. Where are Cher and Dionne when you need them?!

Though I’m still waiting for my fairy godmothers, I did get some help from the wonderful Jessica at Deco De Mode on Scollard Street this past weekend. Jessica helped add a little oomph to my daily look by giving me eyelash extensions, which will be on special during the Bloor-Yorkville 8th Annual Beautylicious Event!

Starting today and running through until October 30th, you can enhance your look on a budget by booking your appointment at any of these incredible locations including salons, spas and health & wellness.img_1264

I am literally O B S E S S E D with my eyelash extensions and they make me feel all gussied up with minimal effort in the mornings and I am certainly going to keep them up! There are so many more amazing deals from these extensions to facials, laser and blowouts to name a few. Make sure you check out the deals above and book now if you’re coming in to the city or living in Toronto or the GTA!

Let me know if you have any questions or want suggestions for where to go, x!

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Bells & Capes


It truly breaks my heart that this sweater never came back in stock. You guys loved it so much and I do too so I wish we could all have one!

I’m going to round up some more bell sleeve sweaters that are similar below and all are at varying price points. And while I’m at it, I also am rounding up some capes I discovered that are similar to the Rag & Bone one I was wearing here.


I love this sweater. While it’s not grey, it’s still a neutral and I think the price point is bang on.

The sleeves on this sweater are perfect. Love the piping of it and the mock turtleneck too.

There are two versions of this sweater – cream and black. Both are super cute. Love the sleeve length.

You must buy this sweater. It’s the most similar to the one I found and so inexpensive!

Obsessed with the neckline on this sweater. Would be so chic with these leather leggings.

If you are really looking to stretch your budget with a few options I’d score this sweater here, here and here.

More styles for you to browse:


Love the pattern on this cape and it would work perfectly with dark denim.

This grey cape is asymmetrical and I love the turtleneck.

I am dying over this cape. Love the button detail.

How cozy does this cape look? NEED!

If you need a fringe fix, then you should snag this cape.

Kind of love the athleisure aspect of this cape here.

More capes for you to explore:

Happy Shopping Littles!

alex_hm3 alex_hm4alex_hm6 alex_hm5alex-hm1

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Business Crested

Did everyone have a good weekend?

Mine was full of birthdays, baseball and my little monkey got an eye infection. We got him some drops and he’s doing OK but I hope he doesn’t have to get a cone because he will hate it!

I wanted to share a great conversation I had on Twitter with a couple of ladies (follow me here and them here and here) about working with brands, specifically pitching on partnership ideas.

I am always happy to pitch ideas and as I said on Twitter, the blogger/influencer/content creator should be coming up with content and a strategic direction of how they can partner with the brand. But lately I have only been pitching ideas once we agreed to work together as I’ve had ideas stolen and it’s jaded me slightly from sharing.

These ladies, who are on the brand side, expressed the importance of sharing your ideas when you pitch so that you’re upfront about the content you want to create together. It was such a simple concept – be upfront with your ideas and show the brand what you can create from the first pitch.

I was so protective of my ideas from previous experiences I wasn’t thinking about it from the brand’s perspective. And from the brand’s perspective they want to see what you can do before they commit to a partnership. It makes total sense and I was spending so much time thinking about protecting my content, I wasn’t putting myself in the brand’s shoes and was expecting them to essentially take a chance on me when I only had one foot in the door.

It was such an eye-opening conversation and I am grateful to be surrounded by inspiring, smart women who are willing to help one another and offer advice and honest opinions. I thought it was a nice way to kick off the week and get inspired to keep growing. I hope this was helpful as I love to learn from brands and other bloggers, so I was curious if you’re interested in me sharing more tips on blogging or the business of it all?

You can Tweet me or leave a comment below to let me know – Happy Monday Littles!

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Nordstrom Warehouse Sale

Sharing another day of sales with Nordstrom and StyleDemocracy today!

If you’re in Toronto or the GTA you’re going to want to make the trip to the Nordstrom Warehouse Sale at the Markham Fair Grounds – 10801 McCowan Road. I found the most amazing Rag & Bone items including this cape and denim duo along with the best deals of athletic wear and lingerie. I actually got a La Perla bralette for $10!

The deals are unreal and like I said it is so worth the trip to Markham. The sale starts today through to October 16th and I suggest you head out as soon as you can before all the goodies are gone!

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Shopbop Main Event


Guys! BIG announcement!

Shopbop just launched a massive sale and it’s on the whole website.

Since I don’t want to steal more of your sale time than I have to, here  are the dets:

25% off orders below $500 USD

30% off orders over $500 USD

I’ve rounded up my fave Sweaters, Denim and Jackets below and if you only have the budget for one item, I highly recommend these for a happy and chic fall/winter.




Here are a few more details for you so get to Shopbop NOW and let me know what you snag!

Promo code “MAINEVENT16”

Both sale starts 7AM Eastern Wednesday

Shopbop sale ends Midnight Pacific time on Friday

East Dane ends midnight pacific time Sunday

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Truffle Tux

_dsc9465 _dsc9423 levis1_dsc9464 _dsc9429 levis2_dsc9430

Top | Denim | Shoes | Bag (sold out via The Real Real) | Sunnies (old, similar)

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers! I had such a wonderful family dinner yesterday and headed out to my fave sports bar to catch the Blue Jays sweeping the Rangers! I guess my fun-having was on overload because I woke up this morning with the worst cold.

I wanted to share this look as so many of you loved my truffle sleeve top on Like To Know It. It was an instant favorite when I spotted it online and I have had these jeans forever but wanted to update them for the new season. I cut the bottoms with a frayed uneven hem and paired these two denims together for a chic Canadian Tuxedo look.

I also did an afternoon shop with my mama this weekend so I’m going to try and shoot some new looks for you if I’m feeling better. I cannot wait to share the items I got! Some of them are so freaking cute!!!

Have a great week everyone!

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Guess Girl


alex_guess7 alex_guess3alex_guess6 alex_guess4 alex_guess2alex_guess5

Ok I’m going to level with you.

I know I’m no model. My blog is called i’m a little…hello! I am highly aware that I’m basically 5″ tall and I’m absolutely not trying to pretend I have a perfect 10 figure. BUT the beauty of the blog is that it connects me with amazing brands and I get to live out my dreams big or small. So for today I’m happy to share this latest lewk and give a little context to why working with Guess is such an exciting deal for me.

I was obsessed with the #GuessGirl campaigns growing up so when they asked me to style a pair of denim for fall, my jaw legit hit the floor. The women who modelled for these campaigns were super sexy, exuded confidence and owned their shit. I knew I wanted to capture the essence of that Guess Girl flair and I had to rock the right pieces that would spark the flame.

As I searched for inspiration for this shoot, I read a quote that went like this, “Document the moments you feel most in love with yourself – what you’re wearing, who you’re around, what you’re doing. Recreate and repeat.” – Warsan Shire. I think this quote perfectly captures what I was trying to achieve. I wanted to feel comfortable enough in my own skin (and sometimes the right clothes help you do that), while also sporting items that let the jeans really stand out. I kept it simple by pairing these dark skinnies with my favorite weekend pieces: a plain, white boyfriend tee, black ankle booties and my leather moto jacker.

This was just a really cool opportunity and I am so grateful to Guess that I got to work on this. I may never be a model but I think I gave it a good whirl! I hope if you take anything away from this post (aside from where to find an amazing pair of denim) it’s that you should never quit your daydreams big or small, silly or serious because there will always be an opportunity to achieve them in some capacity. It’s fun projects like this that remind me of that every day and I would love to hear about what you’re dreaming for and see if I can help in any way, xx!


PS: It’s Tuesday Shoesday – be sure to head to my Instagram and Pinterest page to see what I’m currently obsessed with.

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