Spring for Small Dogs

IMG_9120 copyIf you guys follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (also @lexniko) then you know I’m a little more than obsessed with my pup, aka my monkey, Choco. I love living with a dog but I definitely am happy I decided to adopt a small one since we live in the city. There is truly nothing I love more than coming home after a long day and taking him for an evening stroll or tossing a ball around the condo.


This is my first time owning a dog on my own so when I brought him home I was overly cautious and wanted to learn everything there was about small pups. Cut to, three years later and I’m still just as curious but thankfully I’ve calmed down the cautious crazy! As Choco is moving out of the puppy phase and into adulthood, I’ve been researching about how to best feed and play with him to ensure that he’s healthy. Small dogs have different requirements than larger ones and I find Choco prefers smaller kibble and a mix of wet and dry food or else he won’t eat. He is obsessed with these Cesar Home Delights wet food and I love how easy they are for serving. I try to mix in wet food a few times a week and then also brush his teeth nightly or give him a treat that promotes oral cleaning.

As a part of my nightly routine, I also need to ensure Choco gets a little more exercise before bed. Pound for pound small dogs need more energy than large dogs and I can tell when we play if he hasn’t eaten a ton that day or maybe had a little to much and is hyper! I usually toss a ball or toy down the hallway and we play fetch back and forth. Again I love that with a small dog this is the extent of what I need to do to “play” with him; after a few runs he tends to tire out and wants to crawl into his bed and go to sleep.

I am so thankful for having this sweet boy in my life. My friends and family joke that he is me in dog form i.e. we have the same overly enthusiastic, attention-grabbing personalities! There is nothing that makes me happier than waking up in the morning seeing his sweet little face. If I feel this way about my dog, I can only imagine my poor future children and how much I’m going to smother them. I am sure I am not alone in my love for my pet, so I’m excited to also be hosting a giveaway for you to win a Small Dog Prize Pack thanks to Mars Canada!

The prize pack includes: Food, Treats, Toys, Dog Clothes and Dog Bowls. To enter simply leave a comment below and tell me why you love your dog. Extra entries if you follow me on Instagram and comment on my Giveaway photo or add me to Snapchat and screenshot My Story on this post (caption GIVEAWAY TIME).


Best of luck pet lovers, xx!

Happy Friday!

IMG_9112IMG_9151IMG_9122 copy IMG_9138 IMG_9116IMG_9152

 *This post was in sponsorship with Mars Canada. Thank you as always for continuing to support sponsored content!

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Like Totally Clueless

alex-147 alex-78alex-140 copy alex-122 copy alex-75alex-92 copy alex-77alex-108 copyalex-143 copy

Tee | Slip Dress (old, similar) | Sunnies | Boots (similar) | Choker | Bag (vintage)

I am seriously all about high-low dressing. I love to invest in my handbags and shoes (though I’ve been on a major shopping diet in 2016, which let me tell you, makes blogging tough) but I prefer to find high street items when purchasing trendy pieces since I’m never sure how long the trend will last.

Take these gorgeous white boots in today’s post. I first saw a high end version of these from Isabel Marant here but was hesitant to make the purchase because I didn’t know if I really needed a pair of designer white boots in my closet. I came across a high street pair from Zara and I couldn’t think of a better happy medium. And to be honest, these boots have been in heavy rotation in my closet and I am excited to style them all summer long. This is one example of a great find, at a lower price point and I didn’t have to compromise on the trend or break my bank!

I’m currently jonesin’ for a new purse in my roster and I am excited to find a new pretty piece. There are so many options though and I want your help! Are there any handbags out there that you think I need to consider? Add a link below or leave a comment, I have no idea where to begin!

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Brave Leather

_DSC0191 copy _DSC0139_DSC0165_DSC0160 _DSC0140

Top | Shorts (diy, similar) | Booties (old, similar on sale!)| Sunnies | Belt

I am itching for holidays and festival season. My mind is racing with looks and there isn’t enough space to pack or hours in the weekend to rock each idea. However, I do know that I am 100% going to be packing these incredible Brave Leather double buckle belts (I got a pair in black and brown) and will be scouring stores to find the perfect pieces to style alongside them.

I also have been loving bell sleeves and this look is a little risky for me to rock and dance in but I love the idea of pairing something a little more daring with high waisted shorts and a killer belt.

Stay tuned to see how else I style these belts and know there may be a contest on the way so be sure to stay in the know on the blog and via Instagram @LEXNIKO.

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Morning Coffee

alex-66 alex-63alex-72 alex-21alex-71 alex-2alex-64 alex-7Top (similar) | Denim | Shoes (similar) | Sunnies

Happy Monday! Had a great weekend catching up with friends and am excited for the fresh week. I have a ton of blog events to attend, so stay tuned via Instagram @LEXNIKO to see where I end up.

I sported this outfit a couple weekend’s ago in Ottawa. I had the best time discovering the city and I can’t believe it took me so long to visit after all these years. I styled this look around these Schutz Shoes I recently discovered. I forgot I owned a similar pair and I loved having the patterned detail of a white shoe against this classic pair of denim jeans. I added a feminine white top and some retro sunnies for a complete girly look that was casual enough for the day.

I’ll share a what to do in Ottawa post soon and will be keeping you looped in via Insta and Snapchat of this week!

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Union Jack Boots

Union Jack Boots
 I am seriously itching to get to my first festival this year. Governor’s Ball is officially one month away and with that my mind is racing with outfit ideas and what to wear. Bear with me because it’s going to be a lot of festival inspired outfits over here but I promise (I hope!) they won’t disappoint.
Lately, I’ve been scouring the web for looks I like or trends to follow and something I’ve been seeing so much of is really sick festival footwear. Military boots have been on the scene since Coachella and I love how ladies have paired them with grunge-inspired ripped denim and a little sexy skin using cropped tops, lace up or deep, deep v-necks.
I knew when I first spotted these floral Dr. Martens, they were going to be a must-have on my list. If you couldn’t tell I am seriously into the 90s trend and hello, what screams the 90s better than Dr. Martens?! I am definitely thinking I need to invest in this pair from Union Jack Boots since they offer free deliveries in Canada for purchases over $75. I am a huge fan of online shopping but duties and shipping fees can add up so I love having a place to find what I want without all the additional costs.
Though I’m counting down the days til I get to Randall Island, you can be sure I’ll be rocking something similar to these two festival inspired looks and accessorized details. And so long as the shoe fits, expect to see me in some darling Dr. Martens.
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Flowy Tunics

_DSC0229_DSC0231 _DSC0225 copy_DSC0223 _DSC0240 copy_DSC0228 _DSC0226 copy

Dress (old, similar) | Shoes |Bag (similar here, here) | Sunnies

 I had to pull out this dress from last season during my weekend a couple weeks back. It was just the perfect tunic to pair with these amazing retro platforms from Le Chateau.

I don’t know about you but I am loving the recent refresh of the 90s trend and now the 70s and 80s are making a comeback with flare jeans, flatforms and platforms. I seriously live for the resurgence of killer trends so I attack the opportunity to style items like these shoes with open arms (and dancing toes)!

When I was in high school, my girlfriend was tall and had beautiful strawberry blonde hair. People would call us Jackie and Donna (from That 70s Show) and when I saw these shoes, I thought of this dress and had to do a little throwback.

I’m pumped to style a few new looks for spring and I have a lot of really fun stuff coming soon!

Stay tuned and here’s the beginning of May! Let’s hope the sun is here to stay, xx!

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GIVEAWAY Kérastase L’incroyable Blowdry


Contest time for my little loves!

I’ve teamed up with my friends at Kérastase Canada for a giveaway that’ll have your hair flipping.

Now that spring and summer are upon us it’s time to ensure that your hair is stronger than ever and that means finding products that work under the warmer, often dryer conditions. I definitely notice a difference in my hair between winter and warmer months and so I am careful to pick products that I trust year round or that are reliable during those seasonal changes.


I don’t like to wash my hair every day, I find that it dries it out and tends to leave it lifeless and lacking volume at the roots. Which is why I really enjoyed my first spin with L’incroyable Blowdry from Kérastase. It is a long-wear hold heat lotion that not only helps me keep my blow dry for more than one day but also gives me a smooth shape that frames my face and allows me go from sleek to wavy without looking fried, greasy or worn.

I am excited to host a little giveaway with Kérastase to give away this product to one of my beautiful readers. I want you to get set for summer with the perfect hair that is long-lasting and helps you stand out whether it’s day one, two or three of your look.

Simply leave a comment below to enter and follow me on Instagram @lexniko and leave a comment for an additional second and third entry!

Good luck littles!

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Agency One Sample Sale

IMG_8209IMG_7982IMG_7995IMG_8001IMG_7987 IMG_7979IMG_8220

It’s spring which means it’s time for a wardrobe revamp! I recently visited the Agency One Sample Sale which is going on at 445 Adelaide St West in Toronto until April 28th. Featuring items from Philip Lim 3.1, Alexander Wang and Dries Van Noten as just a few goodies you can find. 

The sample sale has so much left and even though there’s just one more day I highly recommend you check out the sale in the Livsstil space here in the city. I loved scouring through the samples and even looking at the just-in items in the Livsstil space.

Let me know if you find any big steals and what you’re doing to prep for spring!

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Technicolor Dreamcoat

_DSC0077_DSC0002_DSC0085 _DSC0003 2_DSC0079 _DSC0005 2

Sometimes I just see an item and immediately envision an outfit in my mind. I have been loving these flares I snagged a couple months ago from Risque Clothing and when I saw this amazing multicolor coat I knew they’d look perfect together.

I’m in the market for some new spring jackets so this one definitely fit the bill as I add more color back into my wardrobe. I really, really want a silk bomber and an embellished jacket like this one, so I need to do some digging to find one that I can wear on repeat. I’ve rounded up my favorites with HM and I’ll be on the hunt for new styles so stay tuned.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

Since I spent my Sunday reorganizing my closet/spring cleaning, there is certainly some space for new items to find a home.

Is there anything you’re jonesin’ for this spring?!

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parfait pair with iögo

IMG_9042 IMG_9056 IMG_9048IMG_9084IMG_9097

Sometimes it is so hard to keep healthy throughout the week. For me in particular, by the time Friday hits I’m ready to bust out the egg and bacon sandwiches and have a pizza party by noon! I have tried really hard in 2016 to eat right and exercise but I admittedly have started flaking on starting my day with a good breakfast. We’re almost halfway through the year and it’s been going well but it is honestly so hard to plan and prep week after week. Life gets in the way so I’ve been looking for new ways to make my morning bite a little bit easier so getting a kick start on my day is actually manageable.

That’s why I was delighted when I discovered iögo yogurt big pouches because the new format makes it quick and painless to start my morning right. The squirt and serve format makes it really easy to create a healthy parfait for my morning meal. I know it might seem silly, like what’s the difference between a traditional yogurt package and a pouch? But it’s actually so much faster to pour my portion into a cup or twist the cap back on and go. I also was able to bring a couple pouches to work – because they travel so easily and I wasn’t worried about spilling anything in my bag! Now if I don’t have time to make breakfast before I’m out the door, I have zero excuses to get a nutritious breakfast in at work. It’s made committing to healthy eating that much easier and it saves dollars in my pocket because I’m not running to any restaurants for a breakfast sandwich.

Beyond it being really simple, the flavors are delicious – I’ve tried iögo original in vanilla and strawberry and really want to test out the probo (probiotics added) and Greek styles that come with the new big pouch format too. While I’ve been whipping up easy parfaits with mixed berries and granola, you can make a simple dessert with some sweet waffle cookies (pictured above) or pour a serving into your blender with fruit, almond butter and spinach for a yummy and healthy smoothie.

At the end of the day, I’m committed to eating right and working toward feeling healthy in 2016. If I can find fun or fast ways to make that goal less challenging then I’m excited about sharing it with you!

Let me know if you have any time savers or life hacks that help you stay healthy, I’d love to hear them!

*This post was in partnership with iögo. All opinions are my own. Thank you as always for supporting sponsored content!

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