Running through the six

IMG_7492 copyIMG_7487 copy IMG_7494 copy IMG_7496 copy IMG_7504 copyIMG_7502 copy IMG_7491 copy IMG_7486 copy IMG_7488 copyIMG_7495 copyI am counting down the days till I run my first half marathon in San Francisco. While I’m looking forward to the challenge of running hilly SF, training in my city has been another unbelievable experience. I’ve been spending a lot of time uptown as it affords the chance to practice on more hills and offers a change of scenery versus my summer routes on the waterfront.

And with the weather getting cooler, I’ve started to layer my workout gear and have been living in this Bench Canada wind breaker all fall. It’s awesome to start my runs and sport when it’s drizzling outside.

Do you have any workout faves as we transition into fall? Tag me on Instagram @LEXNIKO with your finds and use the hashtag #LOVEMYHOOD to be featured on @BenchCanada‘s feed!


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Wine Tasting Night In!

Fall is well upon us, and it’s about time all the girls got together to talk vacation style, compare fading tan lines and make plans for the winter months ahead. So why not organize a wine tasting party at your house and invite your friends for a fun night in.

Take a look at these tips to plan a great event for all your girls to enjoy!

The wine

It’s a wine tasting party so make the wine your priority.

Wine Tasting- imalittle

Set up three stations of white, rose and red wine, then keep a bottle of bubbly to either start things off or finish the evening. Get a couple of bottles of each color- a fun idea is to select wines from around the world.

Red: France (Merlot, Bordeaux, Grenache) and Italy (Sangiovese, Trebbiano)

White: California (Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay) and Argentina (Malbec, Chardonnay)

Rose: Spain (grapefruit and strawberry flavors) and England (fruity infused flavors, like rhubarb and berries)

 Serve your vino in large glasses to do the classic swirl that all connoisseurs do and get the full aroma (think of the Instagrams!). Keep the red wine at room temperature but leave the white, rose and bubbly on ice just before guests arrive.

The food

Put out some yummy snacks so that wine doesn’t go to anyone’s head too quickly.

Of course, you need cheese and olives (you can buy ready made packages at most supermarkets) but try to go that extra mile by selecting your own cheese, like Camembert, Gouda or Boursin. Serve crudités and dip (hummus or artichoke are two personal faves) and a selection of cured meats. You could buy a sweet dessert wine for afterwards, like Port or make something light and refreshing like a simple angel food cake or a delicious fruit kebobs.

The details

It’s the little details that will really personalize your night.

Make little labels for the stations, using cards and a calligraphy pen. You could extend this to the invitations for a super sophisticated touch. Then there’s the music to think about. Get a playlist going and ask your friends to add songs so everyone hears their favorite hits. Be prepared for some serious singing! You could also set a dress code so that the girls come in their finest dresses to bring a sense of occasion to the event.

Some good wine, good food and good friends are all that are needed for a successful wine tasting night. Get to organizing yours now and let me know how it goes xx!

*Images by Nick J Webb used under Creative Commons License.

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Longline Grey

IMG_7409IMG_7455 copyIMG_7394IMG_7417 copyIMG_7449 copyIMG_7472IMG_7396IMG_7401IMG_7463IMG_7475 copyIMG_7426 copyIMG_7401IMG_7452 copyIMG_7413 copyIMG_7422 copy

 Top | Jeans (similar) | Sunnies | Jacket | Bracelets (similar 1, 2, 3, 4)

Is anyone else loving longline tops lately? I am obsessed with how the long layers play with the silhouette of a pair of denim skinnies or leather leggings. With a set of pin-pump booties and a killer bomber jacket, this look screams daytime chic.

Beyond the fact that you’re making a statement, can I mention how insanely comfortable this whole look was? I wore it day-to-night and I was happy as a clam the whole way through. I’m going to be stocking up on a ton of these from my favorite high street retailers and layering them all fall long.

If you couldn’t tell, I’m a little excited fall is here…my favorite season, I cannot wait to share more looks with y’all.

Happy Monday Littles!

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WE Day Toronto 2015

IMG_3699 I had the most uplifting and incredible day thanks to TELUS and Free The Children’s We Day.

Beyond the once-in-a-lifetime performances and inspiring speakers, I got to spend the day meeting and chatting with youth from all over Canada who were motivated enough to volunteer their time to help others as sweat equity to experience We Day.

If I was sharing my feelings of the day with you in person, I would literally be talking over my words right now! I had the pleasure of chatting with We Day founder and speaker, Craig Kielburger and singer/musician, Francesco Yates.Facetune

Beyond being SO lovely, Francesco’s latest hit, #CallForChange, is this year’s We Day theme song.

For every video shared with the hashtag #CallForChange, TELUS will donate $10.00 to Free The Children.

Be sure to check out the video below, it’s certainly won’t disappoint and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to participate and learn more about this amazing initiative.


Check out the video and be sure to take in my highlights of the day via Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat @LEXNIKO.Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

*This post was sponsored by TELUS. All opinions are my own.

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Fringe1Fringe9 Fringe8Fringe1-4 Fringe2Fringe6 Fringe1-1Fringe7 Fringe1-2Fringe5Fringe3Dress (similar) | Jacket | Shoes (similar) | Purse | Sunglasses | Bracelet (similar) | Ring

Shot some looks on Saturday, which is great because I woke up SO sick on Sunday morning.  This fringe dress was definitely my favorite look and so fun to shoot. I was nervous to sport it during the day but it completely complemented this oversized denim jacket and low ankle booties for a midday brunch. I love finding versatile pieces that are beyond “one use only” and this dress could easily be taken to night with a pair of killer heels and a leather jacket.

I am obsessing over navy, burgundy and burnt orange for fall and cannot wait to incorporate some bold colors into my typical black, white and charcoal grey uniform. I am currently coveting this skirt for fall and I cannot wait to add it to my collection and style it for a shoot.

Are you craving any must-have items for your fall wardrobe? Leave a comment below or on Instagram @LEXNIKO!



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Sweet Summer

IMG_2466 copy IMG_2455 copy IMG_2456 copy IMG_2464 copy IMG_2457 copy

Quickly snapped these pics with my papa a few weeks ago. I love the detail of this dress and it is the perfect summer shift that can easily be layered into fall and paired with black booties. I cannot believe summer is almost over and we are heading into a new season! While I will miss the long sunny days, I am secretly looking forward to leather & layers, cozy knits and over the knee boots.

What are you most looking forward to for fall? Or are you sad to see summer go?

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Feelin’ Myself

IMG_2571IMG_2480 copy IMG_2483 copyIMG_2539 IMG_2485 copy IMG_2487 copy IMG_2489 copy IMG_2564 copy IMG_2509IMG_2538Welcome back my lovelies! While I wanted to write a whole bunch more to kick off my first post back for fall, I’m just at a loss for words.

If you caught me over on Instagram (@lexniko) you know that I had the most wonderful European vacation but came back to some devastating news that I’m still recovering from. But that is is life and I promised myself I would keep up this blog because it is one thing that truly makes me happy, week over week and year over year. It keeps me focused and sane and I just want to keep creating fun outfits to share with you!

So today’s text will be light and I’ll continue to post and may not have much to say, but know that I am here and excited to be back. Fall is my favorite time of year and I LOVE styling looks for the season. I am eager to catch up on trends, invest in some cozy layers and just enjoy the beauty in the change of scenery.

Stay tuned for more posts and if there’s anything you want to see leave a comment below or on Instagram!

Outfit: Set + Shoes by Zara, Clutch by Club Monaco, Sunnies by Christian Dior, Rings by David Yurman + vintage from my Grandmother


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Something Sweet

IMG_2425 IMG_2427 IMG_2430 IMG_2435 IMG_2439 IMG_2428 copyIMG_2453


Top (similar) | Shorts (similar) | Flip Flops | Sunnies | Hat

Hi guys! I know it’s been slow over here on the blog and to be honest, I’ve been trying to get a few things in order before bridesmaid duties this weekend and my trip next week (follow on Instagram and Snapchat @lexniko).

I have felt a tad uninspired lately and just haven’t been my typically positive or upbeat self. I’m not sure if I feel in flux, if I feel unfulfilled or if I’m simply sad summer is ending. I recently came across an excellent post by a favorite blogger of mine, NoteBrooke, and it really forced me to question whether this blog has run it’s course or if my heart is still in it.

I’ve constantly been waiting for this, that or the other to “happen” to kickstart some new energy into the blog but at the end of the day, I love writing and creating, there’s no way I’m ready to give it up. If I’m being truthful with myself, the only person that’s going to instil new life into this project is me and I’ve made a recent decision to focus my efforts elsewhere and it’s left me feeling a bit lost.

So I’m giving fair warning now: I’m allowing myself some time to think about where I am taking this blog and with that I’m going to take some time away from it to reflect on just that. I have always intended to inspire others and I feel like my heart hasn’t been projecting that on the page as of late. If I’m going to continue to put time in to this passion piece, I want the quality to be that of a level that I’m proud to share with all of you.

I am so thankful for my readers and I’m so thankful for all of those who follow my adventures each and every day on social media, but I’m looking forward to some time away, reflection and life outside of the internet while I figure out where my place is over on here.

xx, Alex

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Andy Warhol Pop Up

IMG_9462IMG_9545IMG_9526IMG_9516IMG_9519IMG_9518IMG_9511IMG_9506IMG_9499I had such an awesome time at the Andy Warhol Pop Up in Toronto last week. This amazing collection of screen print art was so cool to see in person and learn more about the background of The Factory, each piece and Warhol himself. I am suddenly fascinated with learning more about this unique character and the inspiration behind his work. The exhibit is in Toronto until December 2015 so do make it a point to come and visit if you’re able to!

You can follow along all my adventures in the city and beyond via Instagram @LEXNIKO!

Happy Monday xx!


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JoeScrub & My New Routine


It’s been such a relaxing week and this weather has been perfect! Before I head off again for the August long weekend and then EUROPE (!!!) at the end of the month, I’ve been laying low and getting things organized at home. The welcomed downtime has allowed me to get in to a bit of a routine: I’ve been working out in the morning, eating dinner at home and I’ve been taking the most wonderful baths before bed.

One item that I’ve been using in the bath is JoeSCRUB. This amazing coffee-based scrub is made of 100% natural ingredients and leaves my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. I use it a couple nights a week and it’s so gentle and soothing, I honestly can’t get enough of it.

The team at JoeSCRUB is also offering an exclusive 25% OFF for I’m A Little readers with the code IMALITTLE25 until August 31st.

Let me know if you get your hands on this amazing scrub and what you think! Leave a comment below or on my Instagram @LEXNIKO.

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