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Guys I finally have a sweet update from my little jaunt to Montreal for the StyleLab event! It’s always a highlight of my winter and such a great way to see my blogging buddies and check out the latest in Canadian retail and more specifically, fur.

We had the sweetest gal to help us model looks (this chicky is 15 isn’t she gorgeous?!) and I am still dying over this pink chinchilla bomber we created her look around. Make sure you take a peek at the video below to learn more about my inspiration and thoughts around the entire event…and while you do please ignore my disgusting shiny face, it was NOT camera ready!

You can always catch me and what I’m doing by following along via Snapchat and Instagram by following the handle @LEXNIKO.StyleLab2015_0104

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_DSC0108_DSC0099 _DSC0097 copy_DSC0111_DSC0113 copy_DSC0103_DSC0109_DSC0095_DSC0111_DSC0106

Sweater: Old (similar)| Leggings: Nasty Gal (similar) | Bag: Furla (similar) | Sneakers: New Balance | Sunnies: House of Harlow 1960 | Hat: Target

This is a lovely Monday for me! I spent my Sunday spring cleaning, getting some work done and then relaxing with some of my favorite shows. I am seriously addicted to Scandal (find me on Snapchat @lexniko and you’ll see) and I actually did not want to leave the house longer than I had to yesterday to catch up on the fourth season.

I also felt really accomplished cleaning up after a long series of travels. I admittedly had not cleaned my room up in a long time! I was literally unpacking and repacking into a different suitcase and so it’s been nice to be at home for a while. This week World Mastercard Fashion Week kicks off, so I’m excited to attend a few shows in between workouts, work life and continuing to enjoy this time at home.

Keep up with everywhere I’m going on Instagram @LEXNIKO.

Happy Monday, xx!

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Hella Grey


Guys I am seriously getting sick of this grey weather in the city. It’s yucky and blah and I just cannot wait to head on vacation in a few weeks. I decided to post a few of my repeat items and it just turned in to grey on grey on grey (on black lol). Each and every item in this look is something I sport on a regular basis and they are definitely some of my favorite pieces.
_DSC0046 copy

I also want to apologize for the blurriness of some of these photos, I wanted to include them but ugh it’s frustrating posting in the dead of winter. This had to be the coldest day to shoot in the midst of an otherwise warm week. You can actually see the goosebumps on my legs and we really just could not wait to get back in the car…yea we drove to each location because it was too chilly and windy to walk. Either way this weather has to end some time so please bear with me on this shoot._DSC0038 copyIt’s finally the weekend and I am PUMPED! I have a couple special ladies birthday’s and then I will put my downtime to good use and get to spring cleaning. Feel free to follow along via Snapchat and Instagram @lexniko.
_DSC0060_DSC0039 copy_DSC0046 copy_DSC0037Sweater: Line Knitwear (similar) | Skirt: Ann Taylor (similar) | Bag: Phillip Lim 3.1 x Target (similar) | Mules: Giuseppe Zanotti | Sunnies: HM (similar) | Watch: Caravelle New York | Rings: David Yurman, Vintage

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Shift Season

_DSC0063 copy

Ok you guys, this whole no shopping thing is starting to really challenge me. I never knew how much time I spent looking for and purchasing clothes before the past couple weeks. It’s been a real eye-opener and though I miss & admittedly cannot wait to add the first item to my shopping bag (lol!), this has been a great cleanse of sorts and a real test of my mental strength!_DSC0066 copy

One item I had yet to blog and have had for a while is this adorable shift dress! I got this a a couple years ago off of Shopgirl (SomethingNavy blogger Arielle’s, now defunct online shopping site) and I always get compliments on it when I’m out. While I know I’ll blog it again as we weren’t too pleased with the shoot location (it was cold and windy and we panicked!), I can style this dress countless ways and it’s just one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

I easily paired it with my funky Tropika Blue sunnies from Polette Eyewear. I have been loving the custom selection of glasses from Polette and as a self-proclaimed sunnies junkie, it’s been amazing to see how I can create individually customized sunglasses on the site.

Do you guys have that one item, that you just love to whip out and wish you could wear every single week?_DSC0080 _DSC0092 copy _DSC0072 _DSC0089_DSC0075Dress: Shopgirl (old, similar) | Shoes: Le Chateau c/o (old, similar) | Sunnies: Polette Eyewear c/o | Bag: Furla | Rings: David Yurman, Vintage

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Happy St. Paddy’s Day

_DSC0008How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was great; full of eating way too many carbs, drinking delicious wines and enjoying catching up my ladies! I will definitely be hitting the gym this week to make up for this weekend’s festivities but in the meantime I wanted to share a little post around St. Paddy’s Day! While I didn’t get in to any green activities this weekend, I will be grabbing some yummy buck-a-shuck oysters a local pub tomorrow night to celebrate.

_DSC0004When I spotted these green cuties from Nine West, I knew I wanted to style a fun look around them for St. Paddy’s. They are so comfy and I love the bold emerald color with the neutral base of my turtleneck and skirt. They’d even be great with simple jeans and a t-shirt for a standout pop to your look. _DSC0013Let me know what you’ll be getting up to tomorrow for St. Paddy’s and be sure to follow my week on Instagram and Snapchat @LEXNIKO._DSC0010 copy
_DSC0016 copy _DSC0019 _DSC0023Jacket: Zara (old, similar)  | Turtleneck: Gap | Skirt: Zara (old, similar) | Shoes: Nine West | Bag: Philip Lim x Target (old, similar) | Sunnies: HM (old, similar)

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Pinky + The Brain

IMG_2193 copy1

So are we going to talk about these amahhhhzing pink Valentino rock studs? How do you say, I DIE. Now I know I should be in saving mode as I have a whole slew of travel coming up over the summertime but I recently gave up shopping for Lent and so I figured, what’s one investment purchase right before I pull the plug for a few months?!IMG_2187 copy

I don’t know if it’s the grey weather but I have been all about pink for 2015. While I was debating this splurge, I was mulling it over with a girlfriend and she said that for me, pink is essentially a neutral. And after a quick peek into my closet, I realized she’s absolutely right! Which is why I felt it appropriate to first pair these beauties on the blog with a simple sweater and boyfriend jean number. These are stunning shoes and I love how they easily dress up an otherwise effortless day time look but I know I can also rock them for an evening on the town with a LBD. IMG_2188 copy

I also want to say a special thank you to Unionville Optometry for these purple Ray Ban aviators in all of their gorgeousness. I was hesitant to pair pink and purple but I am kind of loving the result! I don’t know why I refrain from mixing color too often but these two are such an easy match. While I’m frantically awaiting the beginning of spring (and a chance to get my shop on), in the meantime I am thankful to make do with every blessing I have and the chance to find new styles & combos in my existing wardrobe.IMG_2185 copyIMG_2180 copyIMG_2182 copyIMG_2170 copyIMG_2192 copyIMG_2172 copyIMG_2167 copyJacket: Nasty Gal | Boyfriend Jeans: Levi’s 501 (old, similar) | Shoes: Valentino | Sweater: Line Knitwear (c/o, similar) | Purse: Gucci | Sunglasses: Ray Ban | Rings: David Yurman, Vintage | Scarf: Ann Taylor (old, similar)

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Fur-get me not

IMG_2203 copy

Wow guys! I cannot believe my months of travel are finally coming to halt…for a few weeks at least. I feel so fortunate to have been reunited with so many friends and make new ones along the way. But no last jaunt could’ve been more lovely than this quick hop to Montreal with my lady, Christina of The Style Mogul. We went for our annual trip to the Style Lab conference in Montreal and it was doubly as exciting since her birthday just passed. I’ll report more on the conference soon, but the best part about traveling with a blog buddy is we are always eager to snap a few looks along the way.
IMG_2206 copy

I was pretty obsessed when I snagged this Topshop dress (on sale) a month ago. I was just waiting for an occasion to wear it and this weekend was the perfect fit. I love how flowy and feminine this piece is but I needed to add a little edge with a faux fur vest and OTK boots. Perhaps it wasn’t the smartest outfit if you think of how cold it was, but hey, it was a fast walk from the hotel and sometimes we do crazy things in the name of fashion!
IMG_2205 copy

Have an amazing Monday and the most wonderful week! I’ll be here Wednesday and Friday too so make sure to check back on the blog. And be sure to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat @LEXNIKO for everything in between.IMG_2200 copy IMG_2199 copy IMG_2198 copyIMG_2207 copyIMG_2196 copy IMG_2204 copy IMG_2202 copy IMG_2197 copy IMG_2195 copyDress: Topshop (old, similar) | Vest: Winners (similar) | Boots: Stuart Weitzman | Purse: Gucci | Sunnies: Le Chateau (c/o) | Rings: David Yurman, Vintage

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West Egg


It’s been another fabulous weekend and start to the new week. I had a quick pop over to Montreal (and will be headed back this weekend as well) and there’s no signs of life slowing down with Toronto Fashion Week coming up. I am looking forward to a month in the city, where I can catch up with family and friends and you know, SLEEP!

Before I get to it on this lovely Tuesday, I wanted to whip up a quick little post about one of my new and exciting shopping discoveries. Maybe it’s the tech nerd in me, but when I come across great brands or products online, I just have to share! So when I was introduced to West Egg, I thought it was such a simple idea for everyone to benefit and use.

West Egg is an exclusive community, providing users up to 80% off designer products. The whole concept is simple: purchase your item, mention the brand and model the product via Instagram using the hashtag #becomethemodel.

It’s actually that easy and not only do you get to share your most coveted finds, you get to snag them at a fraction of the price. This is a total win-win for me and y’all know I am fully ok with showcasing everything from apparel to accessories that I think you might love too.

Check out West Egg here and be sure to use my exclusive coupon code ‘wearwestegg’ to receive 10% off everything on the site.

Happy shopping!

PS: Follow me on Instagram @LEXNIKO to see how I #becomethemodel today!


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Clippers Crunch Time

IMG_2142 copyYou still have a few more days to enter my $200 Sunglass Giveaway HERE!

I guess LA stole a little piece of my heart because I came home from my trip to this amazing Clippers workout top from the new Forever21 x NBA collection. You know the Raptors have my heart but man it’s fun to sweat in style!

As I’ve been chatting all about routine the past couple weeks, nothing feels better than getting back to my workout schedule. I know I am fortunate: I love to exercise. I’ve always done it and when I don’t workout I feel really out of flux. But I’m never too hard on myself that I feel guilty for missing a day in the gym if I didn’t make it there. Either way, I’m happy to be at it again (after a few weeks hiatus) and working on my endurance and toward new goals. I posted one of my fave exercises via Instagram here and you can watch the full thing on my YouTube channel too.

IMG_2128 copy

And it wouldn’t be a little post without an ode to the fashion, which is why I am currently obsessed with these Titika workout pants. I am legit dying over the cutouts on the sides and I always get asked about them when I’m at the gym. They are so gorgeous while being functional and let’s face it, when you look good, you want to feel good, and isn’t that what it’s all about? For me, fashion is a huge part of what makes fitness fun and when it comes to working out, my motto is do whatever it takes to get your butt to the gym!

Check out more fitness tips by adding me on Snapchat @LEXNIKO.

IMG_2125 copyIMG_2126 copyIMG_2130IMG_2131 copyIMG_2137 copyIMG_2160 copyIMG_2158 copyIMG_2163 copyIMG_2152 copyIMG_2165 copyTop: Forever21 c/o | Pants: Titika c/o (similar here) | Shoes: Nike (similar here) | Headphones: Frends | Phone case: Caseable c/o (similar here) | Water Bottle: BKR

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Punk + Print

IMG_2089 copy

Have y’all entered my giveaway here? Check it out and sign up to win $200 in free sunnies!

After battling the flu all week, I finally spent the weekend catching up with friends, then hibernating from the snow and seeing my fam. I had such a cozy Friday night celebrating my gf (and fab photog’s) birthday with a princess-themed, pajama sleepover at the Shangri-La Toronto. It was actually so much fun and something I hope becomes a repeat affair as we get through this cold end of winter.

Saturday I legitimately stayed indoors and made sure I caught up on sleep, as I did not want to get sick all over again. I had a Netflix and work day which made for a lovely Sunday, up bright and early, to have brunch up north with my family.

Thank you to my sis for snapping these photos on such a chilly Sunday. I loved this funky look and wanted to make sure I captured it. Despite the snowy weather, I have been living in these Le Chateau wedge booties. I have been seriously eyeing the Givenchy set that these reminded me of, but I haven’t been able to justify the investment. After seeing (and more importantly, sporting) these, I love the style and how comfy they are. Who knows if I’ll snag the designer pair but in the meantime I’m loving how versatile the style is!

Here’s to a great week; be sure to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat @LEXNIKO to capture everything in between posts.
IMG_2096 copy IMG_2101 copy IMG_2107 copy IMG_2111 copyIMG_2092 copy IMG_2099 copy IMG_2104 copy IMG_2108 copy IMG_2113 copyJacket: Old (similar here) | Shirt: Asos | Denim: Zara (similar here) | Boots: Le Chateau c/o (on sale!) | Bag: Gucci | Sunnies: Prada | Beanie: Prima Donna | Ring: David Yurman


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