Give Presence

With the holidays coming up, I was eager to share this campaign in association with Lululemon. If you’ve been reading the blog lately you’ve probably noticed how I’ve constantly been sharing how busy I am, how crazy life is and how it’s been difficult for me to connect and create appealing content that I am excited and proud to share with y’all.

Well watching this video could not come at a better time. I have been struggling lately to keep the pace of the demands in my life and I know it’s because I try to do everything, be everywhere and want to be everything to everyone in my life, and unfortunately that’s just not possible! I realized I have to slow down, take a deep breath and not concern myself with the pace at which my life was going. Something had to give and full disclosure: I needed to disconnect from the constant social aspect of my life.

The whole concept of Lululemon’s #givepresence campaign is to show us that we can live in the moment and experience so much more of it, if we took a minute to put down our phone at brunch with our friends, take a drive to see family instead of texting them and literally live in the moment we are in, instead of trying to capture it to show everyone else how amazing it is. It seems like such an easy concept but one that’s been lost in translation for me for a while.

So I am thrilled to work with Lululemon on this and more thrilled to encourage you over the holidays to take a moment, embrace the minute and just give presence. I hope you’ll join me and use this as encouragement to create amazing memories (in real life) and be present (and give presence) to everything you do during this beautiful time.

*This post was sponsored by Lululemon. Opinions are my own.

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IMG_1876I have died and gone to dessert heaven! Ever since I was little, I have been addicted to Ferrero Rocher and I was so honored when they sent me a bunch of delicious chocolates to share my holiday #FerreroMoment. I knew with the holiday parties coming I would have to make something beautiful but also richly decadent (because when else is a better time to splurge on dessert?!) so I quickly found this recipe and whipped it right up.

I love how gorgeous the cake looks with the halved Ferrero Rocher chocolates and crushed hazelnuts on the top. I cannot wait to share this treat with friends and kick off the holiday season!

Thank you Ferrero Rocher ~ be sure to follow me on Instagram and share your #FerreroMoment!

IMG_1830 IMG_1850IMG_1835 IMG_1836 IMG_1870


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I love me some sunnies! When I spotted this wooden pair by Polette, I instantly fell in love all over again. Polette is this sweet new brand I discovered online, earlier this year and I’ve been rocking their shades ever since. They make the cutest glasses and sunglasses, that are uber affordable without compromising quality. You can visit their site and order everything from frames, to corrective lenses and sunnies and customize your own pair with a ton of options. It’s been such a treat to work with them, but even more so to learn about their concept and see how much they care about their customer.

And there’s something so effortlessly cool about this wooden sunnies look with an overall neutral outfit. These babies matched perfectly with this cozy pullover cape sweater, that I rocked for a casual cookie decorating date and brunch with my girlfriend.

I love how these sunnies look with my newly darkened hair and I don’t care how cold or grey it’s going to get this winter; I GOTTA HAVE MY SUNNIES! Check out Polette and follow them (and moi) on Insta for updates on how you can snag and create your own pair!

Happy Monday Littles xx!IMG_1813 IMG_1804IMG_1801IMG_1802IMG_1820

 Details: Sweater // Leggings // Sunnies c/o // Boots (old, similar here)

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Mad for Plaid


Shot a little Sunday afternoon post and I wish the lighting was brighter but this outfit was too cute not to share. I have been loving the leather leggings and booties combo and these Altuzarra for Target lace-up booties have been on REPEAT lately (no seriously, like every freaking day).

This plaid number was perfect for a late afternoon birthday brunch for my sissy and I loved how cute it looked with this Joe Fresh button down. I love the faux collar detail and I think this was the perfect mix of preppy and edgy and made for such a lovely day-to-night look!PB2 PB3 PB4 PB5

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Winter Beauty Faves


 Well if yesterday’s weather or the weekend’s snow wasn’t enough of an indicator, winter is actually here. While I’m not so sad just yet (give me a few more freezing days) I am preparing my beauty regime for the shift in season. Below I’m outlining my favorite beauty products for winter. From hands to hair to skin and sleep, these are a few of my top picks that will seriously be in circulation in the coming weeks.

1. Schwarzkopf BC Moisture Kick Treatment

As the temperature drops my hair has a tendency to fall limp from the root and dry up from the ends. I hate big chop hair appointments so I cannot risk tons of breakage as I am not willing to lose inches because of the climate! This hair mask gives my ends a major kick and ensures that my hair is healthy until warmer temperatures return. 

2. Boxed Water

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! People forget how important this is over the colder months, as they’re not hot and craving a refreshment. Winter weather means my skin, hair and nails dry out and water is the easiest way to maintain a healthy overall glow.

3. DoTerra Lavender Oil

I generally have trouble sleeping year round but when my fatigue kicks in during the shorter days, I find it extremely challenging to actually fall asleep. I sprinkle a few dabs of this on my pillow at night and it slips me in to a soothing slumber. I also love to take regular baths during winter and a few drops mixed with your favorite bubble bath or bath salts creates such a beautiful oasis despite the outdoor chilliness.

4. Philips PureRadiance Cleansing System

The Philips PureRadiance is the only cleansing system I’ve tried so far that I have seen amazing results. My T-zone gets so dry during the  winter while my chin and nose area can be oily. This magic brush not only removes makeup but it’s so gentle and exfoliates my skin all in the same system. Best of all I can use it with my existing facial cleansing products which means I can create a custom skincare regime without breaking the bank! Stay tuned for a full post on this product as I continue to test it out!

5. Peter Thomas Roth Sulfur Cooling Masque

Like I said above, my nose and chin area still continue to be oily during the winter months. This must-have masque is incredible at soaking up those excess oils without overdrying my skin. Plus between this and the Philips PureRadiance system, I can say bye bye to breakouts!

6. Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex Hand Cream

This cream is pure magic. Like my face, my hands get excruciatingly dry during the winter and this cream literally leaves them looking youthful and even smells delicious. I’ve been known to use this on my feet and elbows as well, basically anywhere that has a tendency to get dry this stuff heals.

What are you go-to beauty products? Leave a comment and let me know!

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A Little Missing

IMG_0338.JPGHi Guys! I know I have been a terrible blogger the past month and I am so sorry for my lack of posting.

You know I’ve read a ton about the blogging burn out and I really just need a few things in my everyday life to realign and recharge me back in to gear. If you follow my Instagram you may have come across a cryptic slash completely context-free photo but I have some HUGE news!

I am so happy to report that a part of my reason for completely falling off the face of the Internet is because I was recently offered a position at Google Toronto and obviously I said Yes! It was such an exciting process and while I’ve been so busy transitioning items from my old job, I am SO happy to begin the next chapter of my career.

Sometimes it seems like friends and readers alike forget that while I blog, I have this full-time job thing happening behind the scenes as well. It’s no fault of theirs as I don’t discuss my day job at length, but this was such a huge accomplishment for me career-wise, I just had to share.

I don’t even know where to begin with how excited I am, but I do feel like this renewed zest for hard work and passion has reignited my blogging spark and I cannot wait to show you what I’ve been planning for the holidays & New Year.

So I apologize if things are light, I’m making some serious steps to kick butt at the new job. I am so thankful for those who check in daily and weekly so I will do my best to deliver in a consistent manner. If I’m not here every day, I will be back;  I promise I’m not going anywhere and I will be here, as long as you are so thank you for your patience during this huge change in my personal life.



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Le List Blog Feature


Just a quickie Friday post with some fun news to share!

Check out my Fashion Week feature on Le Chateau’s blog, Le List here!

So thrilled to be featured with some of Canada’s biggest and best blogging babes!

Happy Saturday y’all!

xx, Alex


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Spark Sessions Conference


 I am thrilled to finally be back home this weekend as I’ll be attending my first Spark Sessions! Spark Sessions is Canada’s first fashion and beauty blogger conference, returning this November to conclude a successful second year of blogging education and insight. The conference is being held this Saturday, November 15th and Sunday, November 16th at District 28 and attendees can expect top-notch teaching, insights and networking opportunities with a vast array of high quality online media, blogging and PR speakers. Tickets are still available and you can grab them here.

“This second year for Spark Sessions has been about growing from the success of our inaugural conference and building more opportunities for bloggers to learn specific aspects of blogging,” says Marissa Anwar, founder of Spark Sessions. “This conference is a great closing to 12 months of workshops, interactive online activities online for delegates, and connecting more and more bloggers across Canada.”

The conference’s dynamic roster of speakers this year include Sara Koonar – Editor-in-Chief of 29 Secrets, Sabrina Maddeaux – Fashion Editor for NOW Magazine, and Kat Peterson – Vice President, Digital, for eLuxe. And hello swag, sponsors for this year’s Spark Sessions conference include returning brands such as Benefit, Pure and Simple, and Blossom Lounge, and welcoming Globe Style, Stylist Canada – AOL, OPI, KISS, and Her Collective to the sponsorship group.

I am so excited for this weekend especially since I’ve been looking for new ways to refuel some like back into the blog! It should be an amazing weekend with all of my bloggy friends and the speakers should provide some fabulous insight as we head in to the New Year.

Let me know if I’ll be seeing you there!


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Louis XIII


Umm I have a new discovery!

The newest fashion boutique, Louis XIII launched in Yorkville last week and I’m sort of obsessed with it. Louis XIII Boutique imports a wide variety of designer brands from Europe including Celine, Valentino, and Alexander McQueen. There are no other fashion boutiques in the city like this new little discovery and I love the intimate feel of the store compared to its department counterparts.

The Fall/Winter collection has recently been replenished and brings exclusive pieces to the fashion community. Louis XIII Boutique is filing a gap in Toronto, appealing to clients who are at the forefront of today’s modern day fashion. My lovely friend, Melissa Andre of Melissa Andre Events designed the space for the launch party with the merchandising help of Jaclyn Genovese of SPACES by Jacflash.

If you’re in the city make sure you pop by and check it out! So proud of you ladies and congrats to Louis XIII.

OH and did I mention to check out the bottom of this post for a darling offer. Save & print your coupon to save 10% on your first purchase in store!

001 Photagonist.ca069 022 Photagonist.ca131 050 025 023 019 Photagonist.caLouis XIII Shopping Discount

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-7 (1)
I’m so excited to to announce the launch of the Adventure Series campaign with Bench. Canada! I love working with Bench. Canada, as they always plan super fun activities (rock climbing, city-scape shoots…they are the coolest) and now Bench. Canada is challenging YOU to an adventure!
We Dare YOU to #Adventurewithus on a #BenchAdventure photo challenge for a chance to win a Whistler getaway for two!
I totally wish I could enter this contest, I just adore Whistler and to go there on a whirlwind adventure with Bench. Canada would be pretty darn sweet.
Simply enter by following @BenchCanada on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and re-post the below images to accept the challenge!
Participate by posting your interpretation of each challenge by using #BenchAdventure and #AdventureWithUs!
We can’t wait to see you accept the challenge!
The contest will be running until Nov.9th 2014 and be sure to follow me on Instagram as well to see my daily adventures @LEXNIKO!
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