Clippers Crunch Time

IMG_2142 copyYou still have a few more days to enter my $200 Sunglass Giveaway HERE!

I guess LA stole a little piece of my heart because I came home from my trip to this amazing Clippers workout top from the new Forever21 x NBA collection. You know the Raptors have my heart but man it’s fun to sweat in style!

As I’ve been chatting all about routine the past couple weeks, nothing feels better than getting back to my workout schedule. I know I am fortunate: I love to exercise. I’ve always done it and when I don’t workout I feel really out of flux. But I’m never too hard on myself that I feel guilty for missing a day in the gym if I didn’t make it there. Either way, I’m happy to be at it again (after a few weeks hiatus) and working on my endurance and toward new goals. I posted one of my fave exercises via Instagram here and you can watch the full thing on my YouTube channel too.

IMG_2128 copy

And it wouldn’t be a little post without an ode to the fashion, which is why I am currently obsessed with these Titika workout pants. I am legit dying over the cutouts on the sides and I always get asked about them when I’m at the gym. They are so gorgeous while being functional and let’s face it, when you look good, you want to feel good, and isn’t that what it’s all about? For me, fashion is a huge part of what makes fitness fun and when it comes to working out, my motto is do whatever it takes to get your butt to the gym!

Check out more fitness tips by adding me on Snapchat @LEXNIKO.

IMG_2125 copyIMG_2126 copyIMG_2130IMG_2131 copyIMG_2137 copyIMG_2160 copyIMG_2158 copyIMG_2163 copyIMG_2152 copyIMG_2165 copyTop: Forever21 c/o | Pants: Titika c/o (similar here) | Shoes: Nike (similar here) | Headphones: Frends | Phone case: Caseable c/o (similar here) | Water Bottle: BKR

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Punk + Print

IMG_2089 copy

Have y’all entered my giveaway here? Check it out and sign up to win $200 in free sunnies!

After battling the flu all week, I finally spent the weekend catching up with friends, then hibernating from the snow and seeing my fam. I had such a cozy Friday night celebrating my gf (and fab photog’s) birthday with a princess-themed, pajama sleepover at the Shangri-La Toronto. It was actually so much fun and something I hope becomes a repeat affair as we get through this cold end of winter.

Saturday I legitimately stayed indoors and made sure I caught up on sleep, as I did not want to get sick all over again. I had a Netflix and work day which made for a lovely Sunday, up bright and early, to have brunch up north with my family.

Thank you to my sis for snapping these photos on such a chilly Sunday. I loved this funky look and wanted to make sure I captured it. Despite the snowy weather, I have been living in these Le Chateau wedge booties. I have been seriously eyeing the Givenchy set that these reminded me of, but I haven’t been able to justify the investment. After seeing (and more importantly, sporting) these, I love the style and how comfy they are. Who knows if I’ll snag the designer pair but in the meantime I’m loving how versatile the style is!

Here’s to a great week; be sure to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat @LEXNIKO to capture everything in between posts.
IMG_2096 copy IMG_2101 copy IMG_2107 copy IMG_2111 copyIMG_2092 copy IMG_2099 copy IMG_2104 copy IMG_2108 copy IMG_2113 copyJacket: Old (similar here) | Shirt: Asos | Denim: Zara (similar here) | Boots: Le Chateau c/o (on sale!) | Bag: Gucci | Sunnies: Prada | Beanie: Prima Donna | Ring: David Yurman


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Blush Pink Pretty + Contest

IMG_2056 copy

Happy Thursday team! It’s great to be home and back to my regular routine. You know it’s so funny, as much as I adore travel, there truly is no place like home with my fam, friends and little pooch to boot.

I’m thrilled I’ve finally gotten back to a routine where I can afford to blog again. I know I’ve muttered it a thousand times but I really miss creating content and sharing it with you. And because I’ve missed you so much I thought why wait ANY longer before hosting a little contest!!!

While I know it’s still winter weather, spring is just around the corner and that means SUNSHINE! And if you’ve been reading this blog for any time at all, you know I am a huge sunglasses aficionado, which is why I’m excited to giveaway a $200 gift card to  

a Rafflecopter giveaway


This site is like sunglass lover heaven, I scored these gorgeous Celine shades on SBG and they have a ton of designer brands for you to choose from.  All you have to do is enter below and we will select a winner next week. See, I’m making it so simple for y’all, so take a moment and enter to win!

Good luck littles!

Oh and ps, I am loving the combo of these camel sunnies with my blush pink jacket. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below or via Instagram @LEXNIKO.

Scroll down to enter and for outfit dets.

IMG_2074 copyIMG_2070 copyIMG_2063 copyIMG_2066IMG_2055 copyIMG_2071 copy

Jacket: Nasty Gal | Shirt: James Perse | Jeans: Frame Denim | Bag: Old (similar here) | Shoes: Christian Louboutin (similar here) | Sunnies: Celine via SBG (c/o)

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Dogtown Days

IMG_2041 copy

What a wonderful long weekend! I finally returned home and though I am so sick (bah!) it was completely worth it for the sunshine! If I’m going to be under the weather at least I can do it in the most beautiful weather possible. Before I could officially kick off the holiday, I worked from our LA office and it was great to catch up with some friendly faces and explore a new unique space.

I sported this comfy look to the office and snapped these shots in the apartment we stayed in. I loved channeling the relaxed style of California and a cotton dress with these cute Le Chateau booties, screams winter in Cali to me. I don’t know what it was about being there this time, but I simply fell in love with the west coast. As someone who’s been obsessed with the hustle & bustle of the east for the majority of her upbringing, this newfound appreciation for living by the beach, constant sunshine and a relaxed attitude was a new feeling for me.

I can’t wait to head back and am excited to share a few outfits from the trip. You can follow along and catch up on my travels via Snapchat and Instagram @LEXNIKO.venice7venice5IMG_2045venice6IMG_2042 copy IMG_2048IMG_2038 copy

Dress: James Perse | Booties: Le Chateau c/o | Bracelets: Links of London, Tiffany & Co. (similar), Tiffany & Co. | Rings: Vintage, David Yurman

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WestJet Valentine’s

Happy Valentine’s Day.

I came across the most adorable video thanks to WestJet and I just had to take a moment to share. WestJet created the most wonderful Valentine’s Day surprise for two lucky couples and I was simply brought to tears when I watched this.

 WestJet has created another remarkable experience, this time for two love-struck, Toronto-area couples on the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados.

In November 2014 at a jewellery store in Newmarket, Ontario, WestJet used hidden cameras to select two men, J.P. and Mike, from among those shopping for engagement rings that day. The airline approached the two and asked if they would be interested in proposing to their girlfriends, Stephanie and Heather, in beautiful Barbados.

“Both J.P. and Mike agreed, but of course they couldn’t tell Stephanie and Heather that’s why they were going to Barbados,” said Corey Evans, WestJet’s Manager of Community Investment, Sponsorship and Experiential Marketing. “The girls thought they were auditioning to appear in a new WestJet commercial that we were shooting in Barbados, and had no idea what was going to happen.”

And that’s where the twist comes in.

“The one condition for J.P. and Mike is that WestJet, not they, would decide when and where they would actually pop the question,” said Corey Evans. “The result was an experience the two couples will remember for the rest of their lives, and a funny, heartwarming Valentine’s Day story to share with Canadians.”

WestJet worked with Michael Hill Jeweller and the Barbados Tourism Authority to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience for J.P. and Stephanie, and Mike and Heather.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I do, and wherever you are, and whomever you’re sharing this special day with, please know I’m thinking of you all!

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50 Shades


I told you guys I am obsessed with chunky knit, turtleneck sweaters! I swear I wear this outfit or a variable of it a few times a week. This particular beauty is so big and warm, I feel like I’m wrapped in a cozy blanket every time I throw it on.


I’ve had these lace up boots for years now but they are seriously so useful I never want to lose them. I refer to them as my “Winter Heels” and my friends think I’m crazy but they have to admit they are the greatest pair of heeled boots for trudging through the snow.

I’m currently working away from the lovely heart of California, so a slightly different view than the snowy tundra I’ve grown accustomed to. Be sure to follow my long weekend adventures on Instagram and Snapchat @LEXNIKO.IMG_2011 IMG_1995IMG_2016 IMG_2009 IMG_1994Sweater: Nasty Gal (on sale!) | Leggings: Nordstrom | Boots (old, similar) | Bag: Furla | Sunnies: Polette Eyewear | Ring: David Yurman | Lipstick: Dior

Photos by Brooke Elliott

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Love Winter Movement


There’s something so invincible about a pair of great winter boots. They’re the perfect item when you want to feel like a kid again and trudge the snow with a happy heart and childlike attitude!


When I partnered with Love Winter, I was excited to share their mission to help people, you guessed it, LOVE WINTER. It’s a movement they’re dedicated to growing in Canada and I am happy to help spread the word. To do so, we had some fun frolicking in the snow to remind ourselves that winter doesn’t have to be about hibernating indoors until spring returns.IMG_1980

How do you love winter?

Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear your ideas!IMG_1933IMG_1947IMG_1937IMG_1975Sweater: Old, similar | Button Down: Nordstrom | Denim: Gap | Bag: Old, similar | Ear Muffs: BCBG | Boots: Love Winter c/o

Photos by Brooke Elliott

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Welcome Back


Oh how I’ve missed this blog!

It’s been a long two months getting settled into the new job so thank you for having patience with me as I found my rhythm. I’m eager to get back to posting and I won’t spend too much time blabbing about where I’ve been. Just know that I’m not going anywhere and while I needed some time to find my bearings I am happy to be back, doing what I love to do!

You can follow my adventures on Instagram and Snapchat @LEXNIKO to see what I get up to on the day-to-day. I’m super excited to get out of this cold weather and head to California later this week. I swear the snow has been non-stop and while I can’t complain versus last winter, it’s going to be magical to get away for some sunshine and to spend time with a few of my favorite faces.


This look has easily been my winter uniform. I have been so obsessed with pairing chunky, knit turtleneck sweaters with denim and boots. I have also developed quite the scarf collection and this cashmere Land’s End number is so warm and cozy, it has been on repeat. I can’t stop layering it with this white sweater for a pop of color when I’m out and about during the day.IMG_1889

Hope you all have a lovely week. Be sure to check back for this week’s posts! I am SO HAPPY to be back!IMG_1907IMG_1893IMG_1884Sweater (similar) / Scarf / Jeans / Boots / Bag / Sunnies / Ring


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Give Presence

With the holidays coming up, I was eager to share this campaign in association with Lululemon. If you’ve been reading the blog lately you’ve probably noticed how I’ve constantly been sharing how busy I am, how crazy life is and how it’s been difficult for me to connect and create appealing content that I am excited and proud to share with y’all.

Well watching this video could not come at a better time. I have been struggling lately to keep the pace of the demands in my life and I know it’s because I try to do everything, be everywhere and want to be everything to everyone in my life, and unfortunately that’s just not possible! I realized I have to slow down, take a deep breath and not concern myself with the pace at which my life was going. Something had to give and full disclosure: I needed to disconnect from the constant social aspect of my life.

The whole concept of Lululemon’s #givepresence campaign is to show us that we can live in the moment and experience so much more of it, if we took a minute to put down our phone at brunch with our friends, take a drive to see family instead of texting them and literally live in the moment we are in, instead of trying to capture it to show everyone else how amazing it is. It seems like such an easy concept but one that’s been lost in translation for me for a while.

So I am thrilled to work with Lululemon on this and more thrilled to encourage you over the holidays to take a moment, embrace the minute and just give presence. I hope you’ll join me and use this as encouragement to create amazing memories (in real life) and be present (and give presence) to everything you do during this beautiful time.

*This post was sponsored by Lululemon. Opinions are my own.

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IMG_1876I have died and gone to dessert heaven! Ever since I was little, I have been addicted to Ferrero Rocher and I was so honored when they sent me a bunch of delicious chocolates to share my holiday #FerreroMoment. I knew with the holiday parties coming I would have to make something beautiful but also richly decadent (because when else is a better time to splurge on dessert?!) so I quickly found this recipe and whipped it right up.

I love how gorgeous the cake looks with the halved Ferrero Rocher chocolates and crushed hazelnuts on the top. I cannot wait to share this treat with friends and kick off the holiday season!

Thank you Ferrero Rocher ~ be sure to follow me on Instagram and share your #FerreroMoment!

IMG_1830 IMG_1850IMG_1835 IMG_1836 IMG_1870


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