i’m a little podcast: back 2 cool


GUYS! I got such lovely feedback from you guys on the first podcast. T H A N K Y O U *hand hug*

Kind of super scary to put myself out there (shoutout to anyone who told me my voice sounds cool in the past because…did you hear podcast one?)…but I am thankful that I have your support to try something new and see where it goes.

I’m back this week with another one and I figured given the time of year we should be talking about all things Back to School. Clearly I’m a dinosaur so I won’t be headed back to school but that doesn’t mean I can’t get nostalgic about B2S shopping with Daddy Niko or discuss those must-have items that should exist in every 20-30 something’s fall wardrobe. I chat cost per wear, and apparently my undying love for Zara’s price point all while my sister watched unwillingly.

So give it a listen…let me know if you agree with my brash but fashionable statements and as always, please comment below or on Twitter or Instagram, Pinterest…EVERY & ANYWHERE!

Love you lots, enjoy littles!

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Productivity in Three Ways

_DSC9245It’s Monday guys!

I took a little time off social media this weekend to spend time with family, friends visiting from out of town and laying as low as low can allow.

I am feeling incredibly recharged and so I thought I’d do a quick post on a few ways to improve productivity (especially on a Monday). These are simple methods that I use and I find they’re super helpful when I’m feeling dizzy trying to get my to do’s together or back on track when I’m losing motivation. So here it goes:

1. Write it down…When I have a trillion things on the go and I am feeling frazzled, I write it all out and then prioritize the top items that I know I can realistically get done during the day. Setting achievable goals help me feel I can commit and succeed in reaching them.

2. Walk away…Taking a break when I lose motivation is often a critical aspect of me staying on track. Whether it’s setting 15 minutes for a walk or a coffee run or booking in a workout class or run, I always find a mini break to be one of the most helpful ways I stay focused. Something about getting some fresh air and a few endorphins (or a caffeine hit) always works as an instant reset when I’m in the middle of completing a task or two.

3. Find a support squad…Telling supportive people what your intentions are for the day/week/month/year allows you to commit and invest in your goals. There is nothing wrong with asking for help whether you’re looking to complete a project, stick to a fitness routine or quit a messy habit. I love that I have a team that I trust who view my goals in a positive light and encourage me when I’m feeling lost or off track. Having people in your corner will keep you accountable and there’s no better feeling then achieving what you’ve set out to do in front of the people who believed in you.

How do you stay on track…especially on a Monday?!

PS…I lived in this dress on Saturday and it is on super sale (you can get it over on my Instagram @LEXNIKO or shop it here).

PPS…I also linked similar dresses here, here, here and here and I definitely suggest snagging a few before summer’s out since there will certainly be in style next season and are great for any winter holiday!_DSC9238 copy _DSC9236 copy_DSC9246 copy _DSC9239 copy

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i’m a little podcast

_DSC9206 copy

Call me nuts, call me curious, call me home alone with a heat rash and itching to go (get the pun?!)…

After months of listening and loving on podcasts over on iTunes, I finally realized…hmm I could definitely do that…so I DID!

love listening to the sound of my own voice, though I have to admit this first go is rather nasally, so I figured who better to talk about everything and nothing with you than moi! This is SO out of my comfort zone and I tried to keep it super broad for you while still sharing a little more of my personal story so I hope you enjoy!

Have a listen and let me know what you think! If this is something you enjoy I’ll keep posting a podcast a week! Have fun littles and leave your feedback below or on my socials @lexniko, xx!

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game changer with skinceuticals


If you follow me on Snapchat (username: lexniko) then you know this year has brought a life-changing event into my world. Before I spark any confusion, no I’m not engaged or pregnant – clearly not a lot going on right now – but for YEARS I have struggled with awful, awful breakouts and chronic acne that matured into adult acne. It’s taken me until 2016 but I finally discovered a bonafide solution in SkinCeuticals.

SkinCeuticals has literally changed my skin in a consistency that I have never experienced. Their mission is simple: to improve skin health. I love this promise and the product philosophy that is easily categorized by Prevent, Protect and Correct. Using a combination of all three, I can successfully say that I have never had better skin in my entire life.

I have been using the above products over the course of the last three months. I always start my morning and nightly routine with Cetaphil as my face wash. Once my skin was clean in the AM I’d apply a thin layer of the Metacell Renewal Band then the anti-aging Face Cream and the Serum 10 to lock it in.

At night I’d clean again with my gentle face cleanser and then same, same but different: the Metacell Renewal Band the Anti-Aging Face Cream but would seal it in with the Blemish + Age Defense serum.

So that’s my routine – it’s slightly more labor intensive than I have done in the past but well worth it considering my skin is as close to perfect as it has ever been for me. I posted a couple snaps below going make up free for the first time and will update this if I can dig up old photos pre-SC. I honestly don’t know if I have any since I hated taking photos without oodles of foundation, and cover up and powder, HA!

I am eager to test out some of their masques and exfoliants so if there are any you can recommend please let me know! I’ve gone through a full round of the products and I am truly hooked so I will continue to keep you updated on my skin’s progress.

If there’s anything that you’ve tried that you are currently loving for your skin care routine please let me know. Would love to keep up this pretty palette I’ve been maintaining!


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Contempo Casuals

_DSC9179 copyI literally have no idea what Contempo Casuals means in terms of a style of fashion, so I’m not going to sit here and pretend that it’s this newfound trend that I’m sporting in today’s post. To me it just rolls off the tongue and a favorite saying from Clueless and really that’s where I am today._DSC9173 copy _DSC9187 copy

It’s been a busy couple of weeks: I got bogged down with a killer sickness that came out of NOWHERE (ok that’s a lie I hadn’t stopped in months but I think I am invincible) and then work’s been a grind and I switched over hosting companies. Cause of all of this I am sorry the blog has been down for the past week but we are up and running and ready to go!

The bueno bonus of this lag is that I obviously have so much content to share. I’ve also been interacting with you guys way more (thank you!) via social i.e. Instagram, Snapchat and INSTA STORIES?!

Yes we need to discuss this._DSC9192

From an update on my undying love for Skin Ceuticals skincare line that has CHANGED MY LIFE to the fact that some of you didn’t know I had a 9-5 job and thought my profession was Instagrammer and jetset traveler (HA! Love ya!) it became clear to me over the past couple weeks that I made some new friends and we need to get to know each other a little better. So all in all I cannot wait to catch up, set the record straight and get the back end of the year on track._DSC9189 copy

For now enjoy this fab outfit which is typically how you’ll find me dressed on weekends. These Le Chateau slides have been saving my life and while the beginning of summer had me eager to be pretty and perfect in my whites, it’s just become so darn hot and I’ve opted to rock light cottons, my go-to jean shorts and the perfect errand-running flat.

Don’t worry I have some fun looks to come but for now, WELCOME BACK! I’ve missed the shit out of you and cannot wait to fill your feed with my life!

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Summer Fave

LACE_3LACE_6 LACE_8LACE_1 LACE_2 LACE_5LACE_4ALEX_0668 Dress (on sale!) | Shoes | Sunnies

This Windsor Store dress has been the best find of the summer. From music festivals to casual dinners in Spain, this dress works for any summer occasion. I know we’ve all heard about the Little White Dress but this tunic takes it to new heights. It is also currently on sale and so are these Paul Andrew espadrilles. I love pairing these two together so an effortless and light daytime look.

Since I’ve been focused on saving this year, and with that I haven’t purchased any new summer sandals! I am still dying for these Chloe wedges but I am still so impressed with my Paul Andrew purchase (and the fact that flatforms made a huge impact this year) that I haven’t felt the loss of being a shoe shopaholic.


I have the most exciting evening planned with my girlfriends tonight – we are having a girls’ night and a psychic is going to do some readings for us! I am soooo excited, I love spirituality and I will let you in on the fun via Snapchat (username: lexniko) and Instagram. Make sure you’re following along!

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Cold Shoulder

_DSC0314 _DSC0309 _DSC0273_DSC0313 _DSC0306 _DSC0276_DSC0305 _DSC0263_DSC0301

Top (similar here and here) | Denim | Shoes | Bag (similar) | Sunnies

Shop this look and a few of my favorite OTS tops of all price points here:

I’ve just returned from my European holiday and I have to say, what a trip! It was the most wonderful couple weeks and I returned feeling fully recharged and ready to take on a new chapter. I have really caught the travel bug and I am jonesin’ for my next adventure. I’m going to write up a few travel guides for where I went and what I’ve seen this summer so stay tuned for those coming soon! Lately I had been feeling burnt out and as if it was reflective in my blog work. But I want to continue to stay consistent week over week and that’s why I’m eager to add new and more relevant content that is helpful to you! This is a really exciting time for the blog and I feel very passionate about writing and sharing my experiences so thank you as always for your continued support.

Before we get to planning, I wanted to start today with a fresh post talking about one of my favorite trends of late: Off The Shoulder tops. I love this style because it is so delicate and feminine and adds to any day or night outfit. I’ve worn this top with denim shorts and skinny jeans but could just as easily see it tucked into an A-line mini or with black cigarette pants and oxfords. The one I’m wearing in today’s post is old and from HM and that’s why I added options from all price points because you really cannot go wrong with a white OTS with a little lacy detail or pattern along the sleeves. I know that in Toronto we could be over summer at any moment or it could drag out for a few more months but I definitely recommend that you get on this trend before it is too late!

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Lace Ups

_DSC0229_DSC0218 _DSC0235_DSC0243 _DSC0232 _DSC0230 copy

Shoes c/o Le Chateau

Hi guys!

Quick post today since I am moving at lightening speed between work, blog and prepping for my trip on Thursday. I am headed to Spain – Madrid, Ibiza and Mallorca and then have a swift jaunt in London and then home.

I came across these lace up sandals while I was shopping for items for my trip. I love these because I am a huge fan of the Corso Como brand and I think these are such a great pair of shoes for touring around some new cities in style.

I matched them with some simple neutrals which may also make the packing list but I could also see myself transitioning into fall as we get into the cooler months.

If you have been to any of the cities above please let me know your recommendations!

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Giveaway: Bud Light Digital Dreams

_DSC0177 _DSC0197_DSC0204 _DSC0175_DSC0163_DSC0184

Sweater: Peace Collective x Digital Dreams | Hat: Team LTD. x Digital Dreams


You have to know by now that I am a huge music fan…music of all shapes & sorts and I love me a good festival. So when one of my favorite festivals, Bud Light Digital Dreams, asked me to team up for a giveaway and fashion feature, I jumped at the chance!

I am crazy happy for the support you guys give me and I hope that you’re excited about your prize. The best part about a music festival are the friends you get to dance the night away with which is why I’d love to give you the chance to win one of two pairs of tickets. The festival is next weekend in Toronto and will feature some of the biggest artists in dance music including Armin Van Buuren and Axwell /\ Ingrosso.

All you have to do is leave a comment below and who you’d bring as your soul sister or sir for a fun festival weekend.

Additional entries for those who follow me on Instagram (@lexniko) and tag their festival bestie.

And guess what? One more way to enter if you add me on Snapchat (un: lexniko) and screenshot My Story where I call out the giveaway for you to grab!

GOOD LUCK and United We Dream!

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Happy Monday! I’m back home for a minute before heading up north this weekend and then I’m off on a summer Euro trip. In today’s post I’m wearing head to toe Evernew Canada and I quickly put this look together for a style shoot in NYC.

I am currently living in this skirt for summer. It’s the perfect piece to sport with sneakers during the day or dress up with killer heels at night. I also plan on packing it for Europe, since I love denim for travel – it’s incredibly versatile which is a major key to packing light when you’re away.

Hope you’re following along on all my travels via Instagram (@LEXNIKO) and Snapchat (un: Lexniko).

Here’s to a great week everyone, xx!

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