Summer Fave

LACE_3LACE_6 LACE_8LACE_1 LACE_2 LACE_5LACE_4ALEX_0668 Dress (on sale!) | Shoes | Sunnies

This Windsor Store dress has been the best find of the summer. From music festivals to casual dinners in Spain, this dress works for any summer occasion. I know we’ve all heard about the Little White Dress but this tunic takes it to new heights. It is also currently on sale and so are these Paul Andrew espadrilles. I love pairing these two together so an effortless and light daytime look.

Since I’ve been focused on saving this year, and with that I haven’t purchased any new summer sandals! I am still dying for these Chloe wedges but I am still so impressed with my Paul Andrew purchase (and the fact that flatforms made a huge impact this year) that I haven’t felt the loss of being a shoe shopaholic.


I have the most exciting evening planned with my girlfriends tonight – we are having a girls’ night and a psychic is going to do some readings for us! I am soooo excited, I love spirituality and I will let you in on the fun via Snapchat (username: lexniko) and Instagram. Make sure you’re following along!

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Cold Shoulder

_DSC0314 _DSC0309 _DSC0273_DSC0313 _DSC0306 _DSC0276_DSC0305 _DSC0263_DSC0301

Top (similar here and here) | Denim | Shoes | Bag (similar) | Sunnies

Shop this look and a few of my favorite OTS tops of all price points here:

I’ve just returned from my European holiday and I have to say, what a trip! It was the most wonderful couple weeks and I returned feeling fully recharged and ready to take on a new chapter. I have really caught the travel bug and I am jonesin’ for my next adventure. I’m going to write up a few travel guides for where I went and what I’ve seen this summer so stay tuned for those coming soon! Lately I had been feeling burnt out and as if it was reflective in my blog work. But I want to continue to stay consistent week over week and that’s why I’m eager to add new and more relevant content that is helpful to you! This is a really exciting time for the blog and I feel very passionate about writing and sharing my experiences so thank you as always for your continued support.

Before we get to planning, I wanted to start today with a fresh post talking about one of my favorite trends of late: Off The Shoulder tops. I love this style because it is so delicate and feminine and adds to any day or night outfit. I’ve worn this top with denim shorts and skinny jeans but could just as easily see it tucked into an A-line mini or with black cigarette pants and oxfords. The one I’m wearing in today’s post is old and from HM and that’s why I added options from all price points because you really cannot go wrong with a white OTS with a little lacy detail or pattern along the sleeves. I know that in Toronto we could be over summer at any moment or it could drag out for a few more months but I definitely recommend that you get on this trend before it is too late!

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Lace Ups

_DSC0229_DSC0218 _DSC0235_DSC0243 _DSC0232 _DSC0230 copy

Shoes c/o Le Chateau

Hi guys!

Quick post today since I am moving at lightening speed between work, blog and prepping for my trip on Thursday. I am headed to Spain – Madrid, Ibiza and Mallorca and then have a swift jaunt in London and then home.

I came across these lace up sandals while I was shopping for items for my trip. I love these because I am a huge fan of the Corso Como brand and I think these are such a great pair of shoes for touring around some new cities in style.

I matched them with some simple neutrals which may also make the packing list but I could also see myself transitioning into fall as we get into the cooler months.

If you have been to any of the cities above please let me know your recommendations!

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Giveaway: Bud Light Digital Dreams

_DSC0177 _DSC0197_DSC0204 _DSC0175_DSC0163_DSC0184

Sweater: Peace Collective x Digital Dreams | Hat: Team LTD. x Digital Dreams


You have to know by now that I am a huge music fan…music of all shapes & sorts and I love me a good festival. So when one of my favorite festivals, Bud Light Digital Dreams, asked me to team up for a giveaway and fashion feature, I jumped at the chance!

I am crazy happy for the support you guys give me and I hope that you’re excited about your prize. The best part about a music festival are the friends you get to dance the night away with which is why I’d love to give you the chance to win one of two pairs of tickets. The festival is next weekend in Toronto and will feature some of the biggest artists in dance music including Armin Van Buuren and Axwell /\ Ingrosso.

All you have to do is leave a comment below and who you’d bring as your soul sister or sir for a fun festival weekend.

Additional entries for those who follow me on Instagram (@lexniko) and tag their festival bestie.

And guess what? One more way to enter if you add me on Snapchat (un: lexniko) and screenshot My Story where I call out the giveaway for you to grab!

GOOD LUCK and United We Dream!

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Happy Monday! I’m back home for a minute before heading up north this weekend and then I’m off on a summer Euro trip. In today’s post I’m wearing head to toe Evernew Canada and I quickly put this look together for a style shoot in NYC.

I am currently living in this skirt for summer. It’s the perfect piece to sport with sneakers during the day or dress up with killer heels at night. I also plan on packing it for Europe, since I love denim for travel – it’s incredibly versatile which is a major key to packing light when you’re away.

Hope you’re following along on all my travels via Instagram (@LEXNIKO) and Snapchat (un: Lexniko).

Here’s to a great week everyone, xx!

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Roncesvalles Food Nook Tours

FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRenderIMG_0173 IMG_0161 IMG_0181

Had such an amazing Sunday a couple weeks ago. My sister and I headed over to Roncesvalles to walk the streets with Food Nook Tours. Food Nook Tours is such a cool experience and the idea is simple: you are led on a tour by the lovely Bria Weaver who walks you to five spots around Ronces while you taste a variety of foods and drinks to discover new flavors and places to try around your city.

We started with dessert first at Chocolateria and worked out way down the street. We sampled everything from Chocolate dipped potato chips (my fave…goodbye summer body!) to scotch bonnet jam, smoked salmon jerky and another personal fave, dry rub wings from Barque. I was surpised at how full I left and it was such a joyous experience to meet total strangers, learn about these local store owners and satisfy tastebuds I didn’t even know I had!

If you’re looking for activities for your next staycation or simply want to discover a new neighborhood in Toronto on a budget, then I highly recommend you check our Food Nook Tours.

You will not be disappointed!

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New York Groove


ALEX_HAT_1 ALEX_0292ALEX_HAT_6ALEX_HAT_7 ALEX_HAT_2Dress | Hat | Shoes | Sunnies

I recently had the opportunity for a quick shoot with Lydia Hudgens on my last trip to NYC. There are certain photographers I’ve discovered through other bloggers that I just fall in love with their work and they play a major motivation in pushing me to keep creating beautiful content when I’m feeling like giving up.

Lydia is definitely one of those photographers and to shoot with her was such a great experience. And to be as fortunate as we were to have my beloved New York City as the backdrop made for such an incredible morning. We snapped these photos in the West Village and while I’ve had this dress for a year and shared it on Instagram a few times, I realized I never blogged it and it is the quintessential LWD for summer! While it’s not longer available where I originally bought it, I did find a similar version via Storets so I encourage you guys to snag it as soon as possible, because I promise you won’t regret it!

It travels so effortlessly and is perfect for strolling the city streets during the day or dressing it up with some slinky heels for a romantic dinner date outfit.

This dress is truly one of the best items I’ve ever purchased and whenever the weather warms up I get excited to sport it. It’s one of those items that you throw on and feel instantly fabulous. Do you have any items that you wear that make you feel full of confidence? Let me know if a comment below!

I’m headed to LA today so be sure to follow my latest travel adventure via Instagram here and Snapchat (un: lexniko).

Photos by Lydia Hudgens

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Cocoon Body Wrap Treatment


We are fully springing in to summer here in the city. After the winter, my skin was really dry and dull so a little skin rejuvenation was exactly what I needed! When my skin needs R&R, I head straight to the Miraj Hammam Spa at the Shangri-La Toronto and they take such great care of me. To get set for spring and summer, I decided to test out a cocoon body wrap which is new to the spa and first time try for me as well.

This body care treatment introduces a new level of skin rejuvenation with full body exfoliation followed by a deep moisture treatment using Caudalie Vine Body Butter. The experience was so unique versus any other body care treatments I’ve had. You’re literally scrubbed down, exfoliated up and wrapped in a cocoon of hydration! I felt a bit like a burrito but it was so amazing and my skin was left feeling restored and velvety smooth. My esthetician advised me that this technique improves skin’s texture, initiates cell renewal and reduces the appearance of cellulite. It was the perfect treatment for summer ready skin and I can shed the layers confidently as the seasons change.

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#3yeargoals with Dr. Christine Palmay

I had the opportunity to chat with Dr. Christine Palmay last week and I am so thankful that I did. As I work my way toward my #3YearGoals (refresh from post one here), I’ve been more invested than ever in educating myself on all the facts and ensuring that all of my decisions are made with the proper research. Dr. Palmay obviously encourages us to make the best choices possible when it comes to health but with access to all of this information it’s tough to know what you’re looking for or that we’re even asking the right questions.

Today, millennial women have so many options and opportunities available to them that thinking about long-term goals can feel overwhelming. Whether your goals are focused on school, career, fitness or travel you need to identify any barriers you could encounter and make a plan to avoid or overcome them. And obviously in your 20s and 30s you need to consider how pregnancy might factor into those goals. Maybe you’re not interested in having kids or you’re just not right now, it’s important to talk to your doctor about contraception. Dr. Palmay was incredible to speak with and she helped me debunk three common myths when it comes to planning for your future.

Myth #1 – Unintended Pregnancy is Uncommon

Unintended pregnancy is a huge deal you guys. The psychological ramifications from losing a child are more difficult than one may believe and there is a massive underestimation when it comes to unplanned pregnancy. You have to make choices to protect yourself accordingly.

Myth #2 – All Birth Control is the Same

Birth control pill works but not the most effective form of birth control (I legitimately didn’t know there were varying forms of effectiveness when it comes to birth control). Travel, travel time zones, and happy hour bevvies are a few examples of things that interact with your pill and can reduce effectiveness. If you’re forgetful there are multiple options for those who may not always remember to take their pill. Check out and these sites here and here for more information but always consult a doctor before you make any changes.

Myth #3 – Birth Control Causes Infertility
Dr. Palmay wanted to stress that this is simply NOT TRUE. A 30 year old is less fertile than a 16 year old – that is just the reality. If you come off birth control at a state when fertility is down then of course one more easily attribute this to taking it in the first place. Birth control can also treat chronic diseases like endometriosis and hide symptoms you may not have been aware of ultimately causing infertility.
It was so refreshing to speak with Dr. Palmay and I encourage you to check out her YouTube page here. If you have any questions please leave a comment below or message me on Instagram or Snapchat (handle: @lexniko).
Let’s end the stigma around lack of education and ensure that we are taking care of ourselves as we journey along our #3YearGoals.
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Spring for Small Dogs

IMG_9120 copyIf you guys follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (also @lexniko) then you know I’m a little more than obsessed with my pup, aka my monkey, Choco. I love living with a dog but I definitely am happy I decided to adopt a small one since we live in the city. There is truly nothing I love more than coming home after a long day and taking him for an evening stroll or tossing a ball around the condo.


This is my first time owning a dog on my own so when I brought him home I was overly cautious and wanted to learn everything there was about small pups. Cut to, three years later and I’m still just as curious but thankfully I’ve calmed down the cautious crazy! As Choco is moving out of the puppy phase and into adulthood, I’ve been researching about how to best feed and play with him to ensure that he’s healthy. Small dogs have different requirements than larger ones and I find Choco prefers smaller kibble and a mix of wet and dry food or else he won’t eat. He is obsessed with these Cesar Home Delights wet food and I love how easy they are for serving. Brands like CESAR®, IAMS® and PEDIGREE® offer specialized recipes for small dogs. I try to mix in wet food a few times a week and then also brush his teeth nightly or give him a treat that promotes oral cleaning.

As a part of my nightly routine, I also need to ensure Choco gets a little more exercise before bed. Pound for pound small dogs need more energy than large dogs and I can tell when we play if he hasn’t eaten a ton that day or maybe had a little to much and is hyper! I usually toss a ball or toy down the hallway and we play fetch back and forth. Again I love that with a small dog this is the extent of what I need to do to “play” with him; after a few runs he tends to tire out and wants to crawl into his bed and go to sleep.

I am so thankful for having this sweet boy in my life. My friends and family joke that he is me in dog form i.e. we have the same overly enthusiastic, attention-grabbing personalities! There is nothing that makes me happier than waking up in the morning seeing his sweet little face. If I feel this way about my dog, I can only imagine my poor future children and how much I’m going to smother them. I am sure I am not alone in my love for my pet, so I’m excited to also be hosting a giveaway for you to win a Small Dog Prize Pack thanks to Mars Canada!

The prize pack includes: Food, Treats, Toys, Dog Clothes and Dog Bowls. To enter simply leave a comment below and tell me why you love your dog. Extra entries if you follow me on Instagram and comment on my Giveaway photo or add me to Snapchat and screenshot My Story on this post (caption GIVEAWAY TIME).


Best of luck pet lovers, xx!

Happy Friday!

IMG_9112IMG_9151IMG_9122 copy IMG_9138 IMG_9116IMG_9152

 *This post was in sponsorship with Mars Canada. Thank you as always for continuing to support sponsored content!

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