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IMG_0338.JPGHi Guys! I know I have been a terrible blogger the past month and I am so sorry for my lack of posting.

You know I’ve read a ton about the blogging burn out and I really just need a few things in my everyday life to realign and recharge me back in to gear. If you follow my Instagram you may have come across a cryptic slash completely context-free photo but I have some HUGE news!

I am so happy to report that a part of my reason for completely falling off the face of the Internet is because I was recently offered a position at Google Toronto and obviously I said Yes! It was such an exciting process and while I’ve been so busy transitioning items from my old job, I am SO happy to begin the next chapter of my career.

Sometimes it seems like friends and readers alike forget that while I blog, I have this full-time job thing happening behind the scenes as well. It’s no fault of theirs as I don’t discuss my day job at length, but this was such a huge accomplishment for me career-wise, I just had to share.

I don’t even know where to begin with how excited I am, but I do feel like this renewed zest for hard work and passion has reignited my blogging spark and I cannot wait to show you what I’ve been planning for the holidays & New Year.

So I apologize if things are light, I’m making some serious steps to kick butt at the new job. I am so thankful for those who check in daily and weekly so I will do my best to deliver in a consistent manner. If I’m not here every day, I will be back;  I promise I’m not going anywhere and I will be here, as long as you are so thank you for your patience during this huge change in my personal life.



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