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Barreworks TO: A Ballerina Burn

I don’t offer many fitness tips on the blog.

Why you ask?

Well mostly because I am certain many of you are not interested in knowing I ran for miles in Moksha heat to fit in to this skirt, these pants and everything in this post. While fitness has been a big part of my life, the past year has been more than challenging to maintain a workout schedule. I am slowly starting to get my routine back on track but find it difficult to find a workout that really gets me going. Running has been my favourite way to maintain an active lifestyle but I tire easily of the same routes and am always looking for new ways to work up a sweat.

Enter Barreworks: Barreworks is a fitness studio in Toronto that uses the ballet barre, resistance bands and weighted balls to create a combination of exercises to sculpt your muscles, kick up your cardio and intensify core conditioning. In littles terms: this workout will kick your ass.

I happily attended my first class with my personal training sissy and her crew {okay maybe I watched a few Step Up dance movies pre-Barreworks}. After the sweat we worked up, she gave it her stamp of Body Morphing approval and I was waiting, pen in hand, to sign up for my next class. This was the perfect combination of cardio, step class series and strength training using your own body weight. Using the barre for balance and to assist with specific moves, the entire class challenged the most seasoned fitness freaks…all set to a wicked playlist that motivated you to finish each & every rep.

Beyond the class itself, the studio is stunning, it’s environmentally friendly {I’m kind of obsessed with the water filter, you must ask them to show you} and the studio carries its own brand of post-plie food bars. I definitely recommend Barreworks to anyone looking for a new workout or a fun hour of fitness to change up their usual routine. I genuinely cannot wait to get back there, I’m already feeling the ballerina burn and it hasn’t even been a few hours. Here’s to hoping that I’m still able to prance out of bed and make it there tomorrow.

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    August 2, 2012 at 1:32 pm

    Ahh, did you go yesterday? A friend and I were supposed to go give it a TWHIRL (pun appreciation ;)) but had to reschedule! I’m dying to try it out!

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