Best Beauty Advice of Summer

So my time here in NYC is almost at a close. I have had an amazing time, and have taken so much vital information from IFBCon that’s only going to make the little blog that could continue to grow. Thank you for your patience this week, as I’m late to post.

Though it’s been sticky, hot & humid with splashes of rain here in SoHo, we all know that summer is certainly on the outs. Because of that I have to pay my respects to the season by showcasing some of the best celebrity looks & sharing some of my favourite tips & takeaways.

Remember my how-to beach waves here? Well the best tip I got over the summer to make this look even more beach-ready: alternate the direction of your curls. Now, if I’ve been living under a rock and this was a no brainer to others, then let’s call a spade a spade and you can punch me in the face via the comments section. But it is an easy adjustment to the tip and it has made all the difference, all summer long.

Source ~ Beauty Editor

Keeping with the hair theme, I think we all know that it took me forever to get on board a new ‘do. Though my hair stayed fairly bland, I loved the summer trend of ashen pastel hair colouring. While I dabbled with chalk on my ends for my own amusement, I love the subtle addition that January Jones has added from root to tip.

Source ~ Style Bistro

Cat eyes was one of my favourite beauty looks for summer. It’s fast, easy and creates a dramatic look without the fuss of a heavily made up, smokey lid. While winged eyeliner is sticking around for fall, go even bolder with a thick, Cleopatra-like line & oodles of mascara.

Finally, if I had one piece of thrilling beauty advice I got over the summer, it’s that a Starbucks napkin makes an incredible blotting pad if you’re sweaty, shiny or just in a hurry. Trust me, when I read this, I was quick to try it (I might have a face-sweating problem) and I am not joking, this seriously works. But actually, go to Starbucks and blot right now. I will wait.

So there you have it, some of my summertime faves. Some will make the cut to fall and others will fall till next summer. Anyway you slice it, bookmark this post…your hair, face & beauty will thank you.

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