caramel corn: quick, easy, delicious.

This week has left me feeling exceptionally ill. I am pretty sure that by the time the weekend’s out I’ll be comatose from a steady mix of antibiotics and ginger ale. For some reason whenever I’m under the weather, instead of being one of those skinny minnie, “I have no appetite” folks, I begin to crave everything. And this time it’s no exception. 
Which is why I’ve decided to include an additional recipe post this week: some good ol’ fashion caramel corn. I don’t know what it is about caramel corn but it reminds me of being a little wee one & heading to Kernels Popcorn with my parents for a sweet treat. Nowadays, I whip it up as a quick snack for unexpected guests or give it away as a thank you gift {see below} when visiting friends at home. 
Any way you pop it, it’s nice to have a simple recipe to always refer back to whether you’re in a panic or just plain manic. 
Yes, I rhymed, it’s Friday & I’m sick. Excuse it for one day. 🙂
TGIF i’m a littles! 
~xx, alex.

{disclaimer: with all the cravings I’ve been having it’s safe to say I’m probably just a wannabe foodie with overactive taste buds. please don’t judge me.

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    Inggrid Monalita
    February 25, 2012 at 1:47 pm

    for me, ur blog is great dear!

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