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{DIY} Floral Body Scrub

While I am certain those who skimmed over my Last Little Look post here, were wondering, “what was that pile of decorated goop?” I am delighted to finally tell you. It may not be aesthetically appealing at first glance, but I promise it is one of my most aromatic, fragrant and quickest DIYs ever. This is an easy peasy Floral Body Scrub, made from all natural ingredients you can find at your local health food store. 
I first spotted this nifty little idea here and was only too eager to test it out. I personally love body scrubs and this tutorial could not have been more timely: I was lacking inspiration when compiling a housewarming gift basket. What better way to say welcome home then with a customized scented scrub? While I am fond of lavender, this friend loves roses {exactly what they used in the tutorial} but I opted to switch the floral layer for rose water instead. You get the same great scent without compromising the life of the scrub. Petals are pretty but they do not withstand the tests of time. 
I tested it out on myself & it smells incredible and leaves your skin feeling unbelievably moisturized and soft. I also love knowing exactly what the ingredients are in there. The best part about this scrub is that you can alter the floral scent and essential oils to create your own personalized mixed. It is so divine and rejuvenating that I have a feeling this little jar of scented love won’t last too long in my friend’s new home.
*In the end, I also mixed the product all together. My jar was larger and proved difficult to maintain layers without them all seeping in to one another. 

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