Easy Baked Chicken Nuggets

As I said yesterday here, {for no particular reason} I am dedicating this week to memories. While I am eager to spend the summer creating new memories & experiences through entertaining and hosting friends & family, it’s important to reflect on past memories made as well.

When I was a little one {still am, but age wise my darlings} there was nothing more that I loved than a delicious Chicken McNugget Happy Meal. While my tastes have evolved since then, I still long for the childhood classic with a refined and healthy twist.

So when I came across this recipe here feelings of delight & nostalgia came over me. I knew it was the perfect easy peasy meal to reminisce and let myself feel like a kid again. I didn’t follow it exactly to a T {read: my breadcrumb to panko to parm ratios varied because I love panko} but they still turned out juicy, crispy & delicious, forcing me to take seconds and thirds until all the little nuggets were gone.

*Make these any time: they were uber fast with minimal ingredients and guaranteed delish & nutrish.

***And speaking of being a kid again, if you’re in the Toronto area on the weekend of June 24th, a great friend of mine is participating in the Be A Kid For A Day Scavenger Hunt in support of the Toronto Youth Development. I am a huge supporter of friends working for the betterment of my city and so I encourage you all to check out the details on their site if you’re interested. Should be a fun day of happy hunting!

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