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Fast Five: How to Win Sponsored Partnerships

This post has been sitting in my drafts for a while mostly because I wasn’t sure if it warranted more than just five tips.

It is by far the question I get asked about the most: “How do I get sponsorships?”

And while I wish there was some magic, simple way to achieve this, I’m here to tell you there isn’t.

Sponsored partnerships really come down to the work.

Taking time to develop a mutually beneficial idea, then creating kick-ass content, and maintaining relationships with the people and brands you want to work with.

Like I said, it’s work.

So if you are here for it (and I hope you are because the hustle is fun), then read below where I’m sharing my Fast Five tips on how to best get started.

1. Make a list of brands you want to pitch

Realistically you can pitch like 20-30 brands and only 5-10 will follow up. So I’d recommend putting together a laundry list of the brands you want to work with, that make sense for your personal brand and then find their contacts.

2. Write a draft email template 

This will help you send out emails faster and easier to the brands and you’ll likely only have to tweak these depending on type of brand that you’re pitching to (i.e. cosmetic, fashion, travel, etc).

3. Look on Insta first for a contact email

These days a lot of brands have a contact email specifically for social media on their Instagram. With the business profile they usually have this set up and if they don’t or if they just have an info@ email then you can try to DM them, introduce yourself and ask for a contact email.

4. Have a media kit with data to back it up

Have one or two pages that showcase your vibe on your social channels and any data that backs up your engagement (i.e. Insta followers, average likes/comments, Google Analytics data from a blog). Also include a little write-up about yourself and a personal brand mission statement or value proposition.

5. Offer to call them or meet in person if possible<

A lot of times it comes down to building relationships to gain partnerships. Always have an idea of what you’d like to do for content and ask to have a call to discuss or if they’re in the city you’re in then ask to meet for a coffee or drink.

Like I said, these are my Fast Five tips to get started.

There is a lot more that we can discuss on the topic, so leave a comment below to let me know your next questions, x.

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