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sprouted deliveryAs a student of holistic nutrition, I am constantly learning about the benefits of probiotic cultured food for digestive health and balance. Our gut health is critical in supporting our mood, concentration and immune system. By choosing probiotic cultured foods, and fermented foods we are encouraging the beneficial bacteria within us. Some examples of fermented foods that are readily available to us are kimchi, sauerkraut, miso and kombucha.

What I love about Sprouted is Sonya’s passion for probiotic cultured food is clear in every dish, yet the flavour is not compromised. The guesswork has been taken out with this affordable and convenient meal delivery service (free within the GTA) that is both vegan, and paleo friendly. A recent term that I heard to describe vegan + paleo was “valeo” and if that is a thing – then Sprouted has nailed it!

Take a look at my “sample day” below and I also made some notes as to whether I felt this was a beginner meal, or one that you may need to be open to the deconstructed concept of a traditional dish. I find myself including more fermented, and cultured foods into my diet daily and each week my taste buds are evolving – so be patient and know that it is just new to you and that will change…for the better!

Please also check out to look at subscription prices, a la carte delivery, menu options, and Sonya’s personal story as to why she created Sprouted and how it has changed her life. You can also follow Sprouted on Instagram @lovesprouted.

Sonya (who is lovely by the way) arrived at my apartment on time, and handed me my carefully packed meals and samples for the day.

green juice sprouted

Fresh & So Green  juice that was refreshing, and energizing. It consisted of lemon, green apple, spinach, romaine, cilantro, cucumber, celery, ginger, water, kefir

Raw Lasagna

Raw Lasagna with raw ground “beef”, cashew cheese, cashew pesto, and tomato sauce. This is layered with thinly sliced zucchini and tomato. This was my favourite dish and it a perfect intro for someone who is new to raw, vegan food. It was served alongside a cultured kale and romaine salad with cashew Caesar dressing. This dressing tastes like a traditional Caesar dressing. The cultured kale would be one that it may take your tastebuds some adjusting. Try tasting the Caesar salad separately before adding your cultured kale. I threw it all together and loved it though!

sprouted falafel

Nutty Falafel was hands down the best falafel of my life! It is made with almond, walnut, and sunflower seeds, and infused with herbs. The sunflower tahini was amazing. This dish if ordered is served with arugula, carrots, beets, daikon, and Jerusalem artichokes

sushi sprouted2

Kimchi Seaweed Rolls are made with cultured sunflower tahini, avocado, cucumber, red pepper, and romaine, and served in organic raw nori paper. This is very flavourful and it is a unique take on sushi that you typically may enjoy. Try to be open to the new flavours of the cultured tahini and kimchi that are present. The full order comes with cultured carrots, and cabbage, and a mixed greens salad that is served with cultured sunflower seed dressing 

dehydrated pizza sprouted

Almond Flax Veggie Pizza is served with cashew cheese, spinach, red onion red pepper, zucchini, and mushroom. I loved this so much. I am an avid pizza eater, and this was definitely an interpretation of that classic – but I highly recommend it. The full order is served with a Fresh Detox Salad consisting of spinach, watercress, daikon, spring onion, parsley, fermented mango, apple, and pear. It is served with a lemon horseradish dressing.


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