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Last Little Look.

It’s the Canada Day Long Weekend here in Toronto! For my American littles, this is the Canadian version of July the 4th. This photo celebrates a classic Canadian brand and is also a run on joke with my friends & family. My obsession with the Hudson’s Bay Company runs reaaaaal deep. I am pretty much working my way through buying the entire Heritage Collection.

I don’t exactly know why I love this stuff: I think it’s the stripes but I’m not to sure. Irregardless I am obsessed and any new HBC purchase makes me giddy with excitement. I scooped up the striped bikini for the cottage last weekend & after all the compliments from my girlfriends, how could I not head in to the Canadian long weekend with this shot?

{Girls: I know you’re laughing but you also kind of love me for this don’t you?}

Up & off for the holiday in style!

Readers: this weekend, get out & celebrate for your Canadian littles.

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