Pilates at Equinox Toronto

If you follow me on Instagram then you got a little sneak peek into last night’s workout. I was fortunate enough to head over to Equinox in Toronto for a private Pilates session and man did my butt get beat! I’ve tried Pilates in the past but never one-on-one with a reformer and other studio equipment. It was amazing to test out a new style of working out and I am confident that Pilates will now be in my regular rotation of exercise.

Why is that, you might ask? Well because after just one session I can tell that I was engaging muscles I haven’t touched based with in a while and it was a great shake up to my otherwise usual work out routine. Sometimes our muscle memory gets a tad too sharp and it is nice to shock the system once in a while. It was also great to select a new fitness avenue via the Equinox app (available for members globally), which features this fun Make Me section. I can actually change up my routine based on my mood at the time (think Songza concierge for fitness) and I’m looking forward to tapping in to more frequently.


During last night’s workout, and to share with y’all, I was lucky enough to have Erin, my lovely personal instructor, film a few of the exercises. If you’re curious about Pilates, this will give you an idea of the variety Pilates incorporates but also a few exercises you can try on your own with or without the machines.

The first two exercises you can try out on the ground with a gliding disk but please be sure to watch the videos and listen to Erin’s tips before trying anything on your own! It’s also recommended that you test this out with a trained professional prior to starting any regime at home. The Equinox app has a ton of tips and you can access the studio’s website with really informative articles to help you choose the best workouts possible.

Not trying to lecture anyone, I have faith in all of you hoping to amp up your work out routine! Just a few notes from me, as I feel a lot more comfortable knowing I was shown the proper techniques and am excited to keep up the hard work.

Despite summer coming to an end, I still want to look and feel my best and there’s not doubt in my mind that Pilates will be a welcomed addition to achieving those goals!
imageDetails: Workout Pants Mindfulness Matters (old but similar here) | Sneakers Nike ID | Top Lululemon

Finally my last and best tip for working out: ALWAYS STAY HYDRATED!

What are your favorite workout styles? Leave a comment and let me know!

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