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{DIY} Floral Body Scrub

While I am certain those who skimmed over my Last Little Look post here, were wondering, “what was that pile of decorated goop?” I am delighted to finally tell you. It may not be aesthetically appealing at first glance, but I promise it is one of my most aromatic, fragrant and quickest DIYs ever. This is an easy peasy Floral Body Scrub, made from all natural ingredients you can find at your local health food store. 
I first spotted this nifty little idea here and was only too eager to test it out. I personally love body scrubs and this tutorial could not have been more timely: I was lacking inspiration when compiling a housewarming gift basket. What better way to say welcome home then with a customized scented scrub? While I am fond of lavender, this friend loves roses {exactly what they used in the tutorial} but I opted to switch the floral layer for rose water instead. You get the same great scent without compromising the life of the scrub. Petals are pretty but they do not withstand the tests of time. 
I tested it out on myself & it smells incredible and leaves your skin feeling unbelievably moisturized and soft. I also love knowing exactly what the ingredients are in there. The best part about this scrub is that you can alter the floral scent and essential oils to create your own personalized mixed. It is so divine and rejuvenating that I have a feeling this little jar of scented love won’t last too long in my friend’s new home.
*In the end, I also mixed the product all together. My jar was larger and proved difficult to maintain layers without them all seeping in to one another. 

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Last Little Look.

Today, I keep it short & sweet. A little DIY coming up next week.
Have a fantastic weekend.
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Tips From Mama Niko.

Today is my mumsie’s birthday! Happy Birthday Mum! Over the years we’ve had our ups & downs {read: the teenage years} but she has always been one of my best friends and I cannot make a single life decision without checking in with her first. Tonight, we have a very special dinner planned at one of our favourite Italian nooks north of the city. After that it’s home to my parents’ for gifts & an i’m a little. first-time dessert, which hopefully turns out as lovely as the heart if was made by ;)…right mama?

I’m off to spend time with mama Niko today, but I will leave you with a few of her best kept beauty secrets. She has always given me excellent beauty advice and helped me blossom from a young ugly duckling in to the swan I am today.

Love you mum & happy happy birthday to you, xx!

1. The first beauty book you ever need: Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty.
This was the first book I read on beauty and it is full of necessary basics and subtle reminders that you do not need a face caked with make-up to look your absolute, fresh-faced best. I still refer back to it from time-to-time for those essential beauty tips & tricks

2. How to create an at-home facial for sensitive skin.

My skin has always been sensitive. While all the other girls at the sleepover got to splurge with fun & fragrance-heavy store bought masks, I was left as the bubble girl with allergies. Luckily mom let me know that all you need to give yourself the spa treatment at home is 1/3 cup of oatmeal and one egg yolk. You can grind up the oatmeal or even leave it whole. Mix with one egg yolk and apply to your face for 10-15 minutes. Rinse off with a gentle face clothe & water and you’ll be left with calm yet supple & soft skin.

3. Sticking to the kitchen: you don’t need a steam room to get a good steam.
Full disclosure: I had super bad acne as a teen. Combined with major allergies and sensitive skin, my face was a recipe for disaster. One thing my mum made me do on a regular basis was steam my face over a pot of hot water and a towel covering my head. {Sidenote: this is also amazing for a stuffy nose and head cold.} Let the water come to a covered boil. Drape a towel over your head and carefully remove the pot cover. Allow yourself to inhale the steam & let it absorb in to your skin. You’ll feel instant results and see the positive effects on your skin.

4. Naturally change your hair colour with everyday kitchen items.
Lemon, tea and coffee all gradually help change the colour of your hair. Obviously these are not drastic or permanent changes but in the sun they do offer a sharp contrast to your dull or dry coifs. As a teen this was always a fun thing to do: my sister & I would tan outside and spritz lemon juice or tea in our hair and see the highlights take throughout the summer months.

5. Always, always, ALWAYS carry Vaseline in your purse.
From moisturizer to highlighting features on your face, I have always had a small tube of Vaseline on hand for whatever life throws my way. Forget to apply mascara? A small slide of jelly on your lashes make them look instantly thicker & extended. In dire need of hand cream? Do not fret my pet, take a small dab of Vaseline and rub it in your hands, and you are good to go. Who needs lip chap when you have Vaseline? It protects and moisturizes on even the coldest days and is perfect to apply when going for a cold winter run. Vaseline: Get it, got it, goodies.

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imalittle review: thursday plantation.

i am a natural beauty advocate. since i was a little one, my mum showed me natural, household products for skin care that i have continued to use as an adult. to this day i always turn to witch hazel for toner and Vaseline as lip balm but my #1 tried & true natural product is tea tree oil.

i am a firm believer in tea tree oil as a wonderful treatment for my go-to problem: acne. last week, when i was introduced to a new company, thursday plantation, i did not realize all the other amazing benefits this little oil had. thursday plantation is an organic skin care line from Australia and all products {you guessed it} have tea tree oil as the main ingredient. the company was created on a Thursday in 1976 & i love the how the story’s translated in to the brand & vision. when i saw the products offered i automatically jumped to the blemish stick, but i also opted to try the lip balm & chewing sticks as i knew i’d put them to everyday use.

here are my thoughts:

tea tree blemish stick | $6.00: my favourite of all three, as it serves my traditional use of tea tree oil. i’ve never had a blemish stick work so quickly or without the usual disappointments {i.e. drying, scarring/darkening of the skin}. i’ve been using it for a week & what really caught my attention was the increase in compliments on my skin. i would recommend this for anyone with small breakouts looking for a quick fix.

tea tree lip balm | $12.00: as mentioned above, i am quick to grab Vaseline when my lips feel chapped. i’ve never thought to use a tea tree-based balm but after using this product my lips feel silky and all the roughness has been reduced. sometimes i find if i over apply, my lips feel like they’re going to dry out but they never do and i find this product works best if used overnight.

tea tree chewing sticks | $5.00: this was the most surprising product of all ~ it is essentially a flavoured toothpick that naturally helps oral hygiene. the sticks freshen my breath, as though i’ve just used mouthwash…without the harsh burn that i cannot stand. my boyfriend is quite fond of them as well, and they’re tucked in my purse, as a new natural alternative to a plain, old stick of gum.

the products are available online & select products are available at Whole Foods, Loblaws and Noah’s Fine Foods.

if you’d like to send me products for review, please email me at imalittle{dot}blog{at}gmail{dot}com

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