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Weekend Unwind


I feel as though the days, weeks, months have been flying by! Between blog life, work life, family & birthdays, I have barely had a chance to sit. Now, I’m not complaining but I do have to express the complete and utter happiness experienced this past weekend when on Saturday night, after a long day of shooting an up-and-coming secret project with Covergirl, I made no plans and came home to cook a delicious dinner for one, had a glass of wine and stayed on my couch all night long.

It was one of those rare moments for such a social person, but I truly relished in it, considering we are around the corner from holiday festivities and non-stop engagements. While I first considered ordering it and making it real easy, my domestic side got the best of me and I whipped up this quick penne alla vodka here, my go-to simple salad and an easy garlic bread for one consisting of unsalted butter, garlic and parsley on a demi roll, baked in the oven at 250° for 7 minutes, then broiled quickly for another 2-3 for that crunchy consistency.

It was a surprisingly fast and easy meal, that offered indulgence without the degree of difficulty you normally find in an elaborate weekend dinner. While we can’t always have nights like these, I think it was long overdue and one I encourage you all to take and something I need to make happen soon again.

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