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With the holidays coming up, I was eager to share this campaign in association with Lululemon. If you’ve been reading the blog lately you’ve probably noticed how I’ve constantly been sharing how busy I am, how crazy life is and how it’s been difficult for me to connect and create appealing content that I am excited and proud to share with y’all.

Well watching this video could not come at a better time. I have been struggling lately to keep the pace of the demands in my life and I know it’s because I try to do everything, be everywhere and want to be everything to everyone in my life, and unfortunately that’s just not possible! I realized I have to slow down, take a deep breath and not concern myself with the pace at which my life was going. Something had to give and full disclosure: I needed to disconnect from the constant social aspect of my life.

The whole concept of Lululemon’s #givepresence campaign is to show us that we can live in the moment and experience so much more of it, if we took a minute to put down our phone at brunch with our friends, take a drive to see family instead of texting them and literally live in the moment we are in, instead of trying to capture it to show everyone else how amazing it is. It seems like such an easy concept but one that’s been lost in translation for me for a while.

So I am thrilled to work with Lululemon on this and more thrilled to encourage you over the holidays to take a moment, embrace the minute and just give presence. I hope you’ll join me and use this as encouragement to create amazing memories (in real life) and be present (and give presence) to everything you do during this beautiful time.

*This post was sponsored by Lululemon. Opinions are my own.

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