imalitte ~ {on ice}

the perfect iced tea. 

i have finally discovered it. like i stated in my stylish blogger award post here, i have never really found an iced tea that i love. that is until i went for a beautiful backyard brunch with a girlfriend at her boyfriend’s mums. {still with me?} anyway, his mum made the absolute best homemade iced tea using jasmine & mint teas.

it has always stayed with me & i can still taste the sweetness balanced perfectly on my tongue. my girlfriend was so lovely to gift me the recipe & i will blog it very soon but first ~ an edition of imalittle ~ i am now on a mission to find the perfect drink dispenser to showcase my new found joy of an iced dream.

{a display case for colorful fruits}

{simple & rustic}

{for a lakefront weekend at the cottage}

{elegant & posh at the club}

{the classic of all classics}

all drinkware c/o pottery barn.

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